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4 Months In, Still Lots Of Redness/peeling. Help!

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Hello all,

I am 3 months and 3 weeks into using Atralin .05. I ramped up over the course of a couple weeks without any trouble. Went through a horrible breakout which lasted till month 3.

I've eliminated dairy and nuts and have been patient with the Atralin and now my inflamed acne is reduced by 80%. I'm very happy. My skin is getting better on most of my face.

However, the area from my chin to my mouth and a little bit of my cheeks is extremely dry. I wake up and it's peeling with white flakey dead skin. The texture is lumpy. Almost like acne but the spots just seem like inflamed skin. A few times a week I find what I think is a tiny whitehead but seems to actually be a tiny tiny blister. If I pop it fluid spills out.

If I moisturize, all of the dead skin comes off but I am left with tons of REDNESS. Like splotchy red acne looking skin, though it's not actually acne. It makes me wonder if I am allergic to my moisturizer or something?

Whats going on here? Is this normal? When will it get better? Should I use less (I use less than a pea) everynight or switch to ever other night? Any general advice?


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i also peel in the same region and I'm 8 months in to differin. what works for me is using it every other day, cooler showers and apply a moisturiser after applying differin.

I might get a little more spots by reducing the frequency but personally it's better than a peely face and surely all that peeling can't be good for your skin

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