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So I have a big problem, even today I cried so much because of my face ... and I need a few answers to these following questions, please sacrifice a minute to help me out !

1) What are the final stages of my puberty ? What are the final changes that alert me that puberty is about to end ? I'm currently starting to get lots of hair on chest and stomach, even on the back. I am 18 turning 19 in 4 months, suffering from acne since 14 !

2) When I wash my face, even once my skin gets dry and rash and start to breakout, I usually wash my face once per month due to this !

3) I have used so many things that my dermatologist gave me, lots of home remedy, drinking lots of water per day, eating healthy, lemon and sugar scrubs, tomato scrubs, not sweating and doing a little work-out daily, not touching my face or anything, I've been on acne forums for so long and I've tried it all ! Even a water fast that was a huge nightmare so my question is, hormonal imbalance might be the problem ? I admit that I used to fap quite often in the previous years, now only once per 1-2 months, so I don't think it might be the problem here. I am desperate, I'm ashamed to watch my girlfriend in the face, I watched myself in the mirror this morning started to cry! I have little bumps and very few whiteheads, large pores with blackheads on my nose and malar region .. so should I try do a blood test and hormonal thing ?

4) Even tho I don't touch my face at all or pop the zits, they leave me a red mark ! Why is this ?

5) How long will it take to clear my face with hormonal treatment, what are the side effects ?

6) I'm quite a tall person, decent weight and maybe my growth could be the problem ?

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Hey zinc oxide worked for me. This guy on the forum told me to try it and in 3 days most of my whiteheads dried out. My face is extremely smooth too. You can find zinc oxide in baby diaper rash. I use desitin baby diaper rash. But maybe you should buy this instead amazon link: <a href='http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Browns-Baby-Sensitive-Fragrance/dp/B0018SKWBK' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B0018SKWBK</a><br /> .The one that i use is quite messy so only applied at night while you are sleeping. When you try to take it off in the morning use some jojoba oil and scrub the white stuff off. Don't rub too hard around your acne because it might irritated even more. Then wash the jojoba oil off and then use Dan Cleanser. Then use Dan BP and then his moisturizer. Also try to take some supplements like zinc. I take 60mg chelated zinc a day.

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