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Day 6, Round 2, Accutane

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So... Day 6 of my second round of accutane. Granted, these two rounds are 22 years apart. First, age 15. First round worked for my face. Had no other issues at the time. Now, the other parts of my body are bad...back, chest, scalp. Hopefully, this will work as well as it did for my face. I am having no issues so far. A little dryness. I am a little skeptical about the next few weeks and issues that may arise, but, have already jumped, so, I am going to finish.

Thanks for all the info on this board, there was no resource like this 22 years ago, it makes it seem tolerable and supportive.

Using the Cerave cream and it is helping.

Cetaphil soap bars smell to high heaven, so have to find something else for showering...any suggestions? Is Dove sufficient?


I will keep up and share experiences.

Any other mid-30s adult males going through this, please shoot me an e-mail...

Peace -

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I'm also on day 6 of my first round and using the CeraVe cream. It seems to be working wonders for me (no dry skin yet). I put it on about 3 times a day for my face and moisturize my body with regular lotion once after showering but may have to start using the CeraVe on my arms cause they have just a little flaking. Using Dr. Dan's on my lips and they are totally smooth, better than before I started acccutane actually!

In terms of the soap, I am using Dove Sensitive Skin (no scent) bar soap for both body and face and I like it a lot (have used it for body for years). The Cetaphil face soap is a bit too drying for me it seems.

I'm female and not quite as old, but am 29 and dealing with severe, hormonal acne after 5 years of clear perfect skin from using tazorac cream. Good luck and hang in there! I agree that this site rocks for those of us "blessed" with wreched adult acne! mad.gif

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Day 12...

I have to believe that the prednisone my Derm prescribed must be helping. No IB, I repeat, no Initial Breakout. I am pretty stagnent with the coverage of acne...no new ones, but, no real healing either. My chin is very dry, flaky, but, doing my best with the careve 3-4 times daily. Dandruff is getting a little bad, but, will switch to a scalp protecting type shampoo.

Not much else to report, except, I hate opening the brown bag every day and popping out a pill 2x daily...quite the chore knowing I have to do this 138 more days or so... But, hopefully, never again...

Will keep up with this...

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