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Entered College Fine, Then A Month In : Worst Breakout Ever. Depressed. Help!

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Hey everyone. Please listen to my story....

I have combination skin (I think) and I am a male 18years old.

For my whole life I barely had any acne, even throughout my teen years...(People would always compliment my skin)

I would get a few pimples on my forehead because of my long hair, but that was about it... (My bangs covered it) I used a scrub and cleanser daily and my forehead pimples would easily disappear.

I loved high school because of this. No pimples.

Fast forward to today and I am a complete mess. Here is the story.

I entered college perfectly fine with my face. I was confident and everything was ok. No spots or acne. ( Just a tiny one near my nose)

After a month I started doing what normal college students did. (Partying, studying, eating haha)

At around october, I was at a party and hooked up with a girl. After the party I ended up taking her back to her room, and that's where we kissed for hours and I ended up staying there till morning.

The next morning I woke up, feeling really dirty and oily because I didn't take a shower.... So I got back to my dorm and took a nice shower.

This is where the disaster started.

- I noticed a few pimples forming near my mouth and my upper chin. I thought "no big deal just a few pimples that will go away after a few days. I'll just wash extra well"

After days past, they became a bit inflamed and wouldn't go away. This hurt my self-esteem a bit and I tried to get rid of them in any way.

I changed my diet, and now I eat leaf salads with plenty of other vegetables and fruits. I barely eat chips anymore.

That didn't do anything...

I've read so many articles on how to clear acne. I tried different products, but nothing seemed to work..

After a long time stressing, I realized that I should just accept it and it'll probably go away.

I was wrong.. These few inflamed pimples on my upper chin (under my lip) began to develop symmetrically on my jawline and spread.

This really hurt me ... I began to use mineral powder blemish treatment (which concealed the acne a little and actually helped) but the pimples would not go away.... I kept my normal skin routine of cleansing and exfoliating with a scrub.

I use to be so social the first month of college and made so many friends. Now I just stay inside because i am scared to show my face. My friends always call me but I always make up some excuse.

This bothered me so much, that I told my doctor about it and recently got prescribed epiduo. I have been applying it for about a week now and see little change except a little redness and whiteheads.

By the way : I recently was re-prescribed to Adderall XR. (The same time I picked up the Epiduo) I have ADD so i need this. about a year and half ago I was diagnosed with ADD and took Adderall XR. But I quit because I didn't want to rely on a medication. During the time I took it, I had no acne or didn't develop acne. Will taking it now exacerbate the acne I have at this moment? I really need the medication though because I can't focus at all without it.

Can anyone explain why my past flawless skin is now covered in acne? This is really making me depressed.

I have good hygiene, nutrition is good (I even take fish oil supplements and multivitamin), and I follow a basic skin care routine.

Through research , I am thinking this is hormonal but I am not entirely sure.

Please help.. I am desperate....

Thank you.

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I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happened to me about 6 months ago after going through my teens with decent skin. Im currently on Dan's regimen which I hope will sort it out...eventually. Good luck.

The epiduo will cause you to brake out as your skin is purging all the crap out. I'd recommend using a moisturiser afterwards to help with healing and redness.

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sigh.... I hope this works out/

I'm wondering if this is hormonal. I mean if i had really nice skin throughout my teens and suddenly got a huge breakout on my chin and jawline at 18. Then it must be hormonal right?

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I couldnt really say what it is tbh. I have a feeling mine is stress related, as like you ive never suffered from it before. I do know that the more stressed I get about my face the more likely it is going to last longer. Easier said than done though.

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Stress can absolutely bring on acne. Maybe your freshman experience is introducing you to stressors you aren't used to? I never had acne as a teen, but started breaking out in a big way when I was in college, about age 20.

Winter break is almost here. You may want to look into starting the Regimen over the break. People on these message boards seem to have the most success with the Regimen over any other method, including prescriptions. Good luck!

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Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully during the winter break I can figure all of this out...

It's funny because I've always thought "Man I wonder how bad it feels like to have a lot of acne, too bad i'll never get it"

I cursed myself.

I remember during high school i wouldn't even care about my skin that much. I would rest my head in my hands or sleep on my arms , and even sleep on my pillow with my face touching it.. I never had a bad breakout and my skin was so clean still.

Now I'm extra careful and my acne is terrible.

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Hey potluck,

Are your break outs only around your mouth nose or jaw? It's possible you have perioral dermatitis and not acne. You can get it from soo many different ways. The only reason I say this is because I find it odd that you woke up one day after maybe not cleaning your face the night before and developed acne.

I would try apple cidar vinegar (organic) as it helps both acne and Dematitis.

I would also visit a doctor and see what they say.

Dermatitis are either little red bumps or white head like pimples. It can look really close to acne. I noticed mine because like you, I woke up with about 4 nice little bumps one day.

Dermatitis can be brought on by an allergic reaction (even to something you used to use frequently) or an infection, etc

Google it and see if yours look similar :) best of luck

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Judging from the google images, I don't think it's perioral dermatitis .

I woke and started with a few bumps that developed really quickly under my lower lip/ upper chin. My friends thought they were herpes or something...

Then my chin area began to develop those very tiny flesh colored bumps (I think clogged pores or comedones). I had this for awhile then after a few weeks they turned into whiteheads, but suddenly returned inflamed again and red.

fast forward a few weeks and it spread symmetrically to both jawlines....

Here is a picture of how my right and left jawline look. .. My right is a bit worse than my left. My upper chin is also pictured. And yes i need to shave (which is a bit hard because i dont want to inflame my skin again)


Terrible huh? And to think that I had such great skin for a long time.

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