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How Do I Take My Vitamins?

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First of all- check out the rail maximum dose or recommended dose on credible websites. You don't want to be damaging yourself slowly over time with too high amounts! Also- many of them should be taken with food- preferably a fat: they are best absorbed that way. I recommend spacing them out between breakfast and lunch. Not all at once and not at night- you run the risk of nausea. Overalls vitamins can be a great help since our modern food and soil is so lacking. Good luck!

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Thanks. So I'm taking Zinc and B-5 together after one and meal and Vitamin A and C with another meal. Weird thing though, I don't know if this is normal but I felt REALLY sleepy when I took the vitamin A and C. I normally sleep like around 2-3am nowadays but I went to bed at like 9 pm and woke up just now. I hope this isn't something serious. :C

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Don't stress yourself...us acne sufferers have too much needless stress in our lives it seems! Give it atleast a week or two and if you continue sleeping ridiculously long periods then stop the vitamins and consult a professional. But- I think you're fine :).

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