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I Had Significantly Reduced My Breakouts, But I Still Get Pimples.. Help?

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Okay, so recently I finally found a decent regime that helps me treat my current acne, and has reduced the frequency on my breakouts..however, every now and then, I still get acne in certain spots, and I'm uncertain why. If my current regime is able to successfully treat acne, and if I'm still keeping up with the regime, why am i still even getting acne? I do not get this.

here is my regime.

-Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, used 2x morning/night

-Clean and clear pera gel benzoyl peroxide 10% 2x morning/night

-Hemp oil (for moisturizer) 2x morning/night

-Dermalogica gentle exfoiliator AHA/BHA cream every other night.

Before coming up with this regime, I basically came to the conclusion that my skin suffers from hyperkeratinization, and that my skin is producing sebum with Oleic Acid, and so I started using products that will help my skin slough off dead skill cells, and started to use hemp oil which contains linoleic acid so i can produce healthier sebum on my skin. Hemp oil has also been the best moisturizer I've ever used on my skin. My skin has never felt so normal using it.

But other than that, I still get a few cystic pimples. They are smaller, and they aren't as visible as they used to be, but I still get them, and i have no idea how to prevent further breakouts.

What are the other possible causes of acne I can tackle?

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Experiment how milk affects your lesions.

I reduced milk from my diet for 3 months now, and I get way less hormonal breakouts than before.

But I am also cursing myself with bad bones for the years ahead.

See how it works for you.

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I don't drink too much milk, so I'm not sure if that is the case.

However, I haven't been eating quite healthy for the pass 3 weeks.I used to eat pretty healthy compared to what I am eating now, but I still broke out a lot, but then again I wasn't using my current regime then..

The thing is, to me, It is just a bit hard for me to grasp that whatever you eat can contribute to acne.

The reason I feel this way is because I've seen people eat very unhealthy. Where I work, I've seen drug addicts, homeless people, obese people, and people who do not exercise much, and have bad diets all have clear skin, and that seriously frustrates me.

I know I should go back on a healthy diet regardless of bad skin or not, I just don't really understand how that contributes to acne at all. Can anyone enlighten me about that?

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I guess when you are prone to breakouts, then the slightest cause can trigger acne. Like too much oil or hormonal imbalaces.

But like some people who never even wash their face, don't even break out, probably because they are not prone to acne to begin with.

But as for milk, I think its the hormones present in milk that trigger the production of more DHT and just influences hormones in general, to trigger acne. But if you are not prone to acne to begin with, then milk will not have this effect.

Thats how I see it.

This journal goes in depth.

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Basically i had this problem as well a while back, you need to make your cleanser into a lather by rubbing it in your hands, then deeply washing your face, take your time with it and make sure it goes into your skin and you WILL see differences, period.

Best tips.


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