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Blackhead Question While On Accutane/claravis

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So I'm about 3 weeks in my first experience of Accutane/claravis. My acne has surprisingly disappeared greatly considering its not even a full month so this is good (i hope). Issue is my blackheads all over my nose, cheeks, and forehead. Right now I'm not sure if the Claravis is pushing the blackheads out or shrinking my pores causing the blackheads to be more exposed. Right now its like rough grit sandpaper on my face due to the blackheads being pushed up and its getting hard to distinguish between dry/flaky skin and blackheads now.

My question is for others who have taken accutane/claravis.......will the blackheads disappear on there own? If not then whats the best method to remove them? I've seen the biore deep cleansing pore strips that will "rip" the blackheads out. Would this be too rough? I am worried about the best method to remove the blackheads as I have extremely dry skin around my nose and I'd hate to make it worse but until I remove these blackheads I feel the moisturizer I put on doesn't do as much as it could. Any help?

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Yep, Accutane removes blackheads, they'll come up. Don't use those strip things, I'm pretty sure that's too rough on your skin while on tane. Don't try to remove them; if you have a blackhead exodus like I did, it's ok to gently wipe away what has come up and is protruding from your skin.

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This is too ironic. I was just thinking the EXACT same thing yesterday! I'm on week 3 and my skin looks wayyyy better but my blackheads are more noticeable when they were barely there before. I also considered using the pore strips! I'm going to see my dermatologist tomorrow. I'll ask about the strips and let you know what she says. It's nice to know someone else's skin is doing the same thing as mine!

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I had an incredible amount of blackheads on my nose at the end of month 1 when my skin became much drier. I was contemplating whether to use pore strips, but decided against it in the end. They disappeared completely in my 2nd month, so don't worry too much :)

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@masterchi Just came across this. I'm 3 weeks in and have the same exact problem. Skin looks clearer but black heads waaaay more noticeable. I'm curious how long the blackheads took to come out?

You also said your skin was clear at this time. Did it stay clear besides the blackheads or did you get worse? 

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this happened to me and it still is.
I rub my nose gently enough with a cloth to remove them,  blackheads will keep coming out so either leave it to come out on its on or rub it gently with something that isn't rough.
And, the first month my skin got clear and I was happy because I though I wont get the initial breakout... but I did . just a friendly warning :D

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