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Food And Acne

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I am on month 3 and a half of accutane and get clear until I cinsume soy or whey protein in any form, does anybody else have this issue? do yuo guys thing acccutane will cure this??

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You clearly have an intolerance to those items and accutane won't cure that. Just don't eat it as it does not agree with your body

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Take a low dose of vitamin a from the drug store. Don't take accutane. Drink lots of water but never drink with meals. Take apple cider vinegar wit meals. Take a probiotic at the end of the day. Most importantly cut all gluten, soy, dairy and sugar out of your diet. Try the FODMAPS diet or paleo.

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Weird! I just googled whey powder and acne cause I've been clear 5 1/2 years on topicals and started using 100% whey to build more lean muscle in my abs and now have the most severe acne of my life and am on accutane! I'm convinced there is some kind of link there and am not going to use protein powders in the future, regardless of the evidence otherwise. I also noticed while I was on whey my boobs seemed to be shrinking a bit. Since I've stopped I've still got the acne (hence the accutane) but body going back to normal and not much change in muscle mass anyways.

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