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Post Your Anectdotal Evidence Of Behavior/things That Make Your Acne Scars Worse

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I just thought I'd start a thread that talks about things that you feel aggravates or makes your acne scars appear worse.

Understand that these are merely anecdotal - so post whatever you perceive through observation, that appears to make your acne scars flare up.... And when I say flare up -- I guess I mean you know those bad days that all of sudden your face has become the face of the moon(uneven surface.) I've wanted to start this for a long time because, although this could be in my head, I feel that sometimes my face looks pretty decent and then I will do certain behavior and I will be setback to feeling that my face is full of deep severe acne scars...

So I'll start this off, hopefully you all will contribute....

Whenever I get little sleep, I always wake up and feel like my acne scars are at their worst. While if I get over 8 hours of well rested sleep, I wake up and feel my face is filled out more and looks okay.

Another thing is if I go out and do a far bit of drinking, I usually pay for it the entire next day with worse acne scars.

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Obviously if I pick or scrub at my face I notice the scars looking worse. Eating the wrong stuff, and definitely sleep deprivation aggravates the inflammation, too.

Also sleeping with my face against the pillow is a big one! If i sleep on my back I don't notice it... But it's so hard to cuddle at night laying on your back, ahahaha

An interesting thread, I like this!

Edit: Also had to add that if I don't drink enough water the bumps are so much more noticeable... If I'm getting a lot of water my bumps seem more flat.

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