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Advice For People Making Youtube Videos/posts On Treating Acne/any Other Health Condition

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I don't give a flying fuck about the "back story." I don't want to sit through all this garbage about how "it can be a debilitating, painful, embarrassing condition." No fucking shit. I don't want to hear about how long you've suffered from it. I don't give a shit.

Every time I hear someone talking or read something with a fucking introduction that wastes my time, full of padding and fluff, this is my response:

In summary: GET TO THE FUCKING POINT. Your treatments obviously don't work anyway, but the least you can do is spare me the agony of having to listen to your nauseating support group jargon from the "human potential" movement.

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In life, anything can happen, there'll always be problems (although, it's only a problem if you think it is). But it's you who decides wheter you want them to influence and have effect on you. You don't have to get mad about it.

I can agree you on that, there are always people talking about their own acne story. Considering how much insecurities they would share, it makes them somewhat feel better to tell the world about their stories. It makes it more .. acceptable.

Although, the most saddest part for me on youtube is that, whenever I mention that your diet has an impact on your acne, I would get spammed with thumbs down or people commenting "no its not, bacterias cause acne". kind of funny ;)

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