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Oily Skin, Jawline Acne And Very Bad Sebherroic Dermatitis

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What I've tried is probiotics, paleo diet(low carb paleo, and low fat paleo.) Ancestral diet, high dose of natural vitamin A(liver and fermented cod liver oil.) zinc, Wai diet, no face washing, extra face washing.

The only blood test that is abnormal is my vit D which is clinically low at 9 nn/mg on 25-d.

The things I haven't tried yet are digestive things such as betaine and digestive enzymes.

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Also I haven't tried heavy duty anti fungal medicines yet and my tongue is mildly white

How low carb?

What exactly did you eat on Paleo?

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Low carb - how many per day?

You still haven't answered my question. Can you make a list of things you ate on Paleo, without really excluding anything?

It's a highly restrictive diet, so I'd assume you could list the ingredients.

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meat and vegetables when low carb

high carb was kitivan, potatoes and young coconuts from the asian grocery store, with some fruit.

always grass fed. the only non grass fed item i eat/ate is farmed mussels

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Which vegetables, which meat?

How did you season everything?

What part of your face is affected by acne? Do you have cysts?

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