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Hi all. I’ve been using Differin Lotion 0.1% for 10 ½ weeks and I have some good advice to pass along to fellow users. (Things I wish someone told me when I first started.) The following will help your skin adjust to Differin and even flourish. Keep in mind, Differin, like many retinoids, may cause your skin to worsen before it improves, and it may take a while (3-6 months) before you see drastic results. BE PATIENT because if you hang in there it may be the difference you are looking for! smile.png

1) Start out slow: When you first start Differin use it once or twice a week, not back to back. Then build from there until you’re using it every day. This will give your skin time to adjust which will promote less irritation and drying. Only spread a thin layer on the infected areas and don't put it in the crevices between your nose and face.

2) Moisturize in the PM: (I’m writing this with the assumption that you’re only using Differin at night like me.) To prevent/reduce excessive drying and flaking which may occur initially, but lessen as your skin gets used to it, put a quality PM moisturizer on top of the Differin at least an hour after you apply it. If you moisturize too soon you may comprise the effectiveness of Differin.

3) How to wash in the AM & PM: Use a gentle cleanser. Don’t use anything with salicylic acid, and consult your dermatologist before using BHAs and AHAs as these products may severely irritate or damage your skin when using a retinoid. If your skin is really dry and scaly, which is likely to occur initially and may last for a month or so, suds up your face with the cleanser using warm or tempid water. (Hot or cold water are too severe and will cause further irritation.) Wet a soft, clean, washcloth and wring it out. Then go over your face with the washcloth in GENTLE circles. DON’T SCRUB! Scrubbing could seriously irritate your face. If your skin isn't experiencing excessive drying and peeling you don't need the washcloth method and you can wash as usual.

4) Moisturize in the AM: After you pat your face dry with an unused, clean washcloth or hand towel, moisturize with a lotion best suited for your skin type that is at least broadband SPF 15. (SPF is important because retinoids make your skin extra sensitive to the sun.) Gently, circularly rub the moisturizer around your entire face until your skin absorbs it. This will allow you to rub off peeling, flaking, and dry skin from the surface of your face.

5) Cosmetics: If you're a female using Differin you may find using foundation difficult due to excessive drying and peeling. I recommend using a tinted moisturizer or applying a base before putting on your foundation. Use either one after you apply an SPF moisturizer . (Bases create a smooth barrier on top of the skin. If you experience a super shiny, oily appearance when you use a moisturizer and base you may want look for a moisturizer that has a matte appearance when absorbed into your skin and doesn't have mica which adds shine.) Use a creamer concealer on top of the tinted moisturizer or foundation to cover you imperfections because it will spread around more easily on your dryer areas. Lastly, if powder is part of your routine consider nixing it for a while as that will only dry out your skin and create a cakey affect.

I hope this helps. Once I figured out these tips for myself they made a big difference so I figured they were worth sharing. Best of luck to you and remember, patience is key with Differin. smile.png

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