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Is It Safe To Do Yag Laser While On Accutane

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Hi forum,

In addition to acne, I have Occular Rosacea, and thus I get veins on my eyelids and below my eyebrows. I have had them treated before with a YAG laser. The veins are starting to become more noticeable again, and they cause itching and inflammation.

I wanted to ask Is it possible to get a YAG laser while still on Accutane?

I am on 80mg Claravis a day. I've been on Accutane for about 3.5 months.

The YAG laser is not anywhere near as damaging as the V-Beam. When I got V-beam, I'd be bruised for 2 weeks. With the YAG, I was red for maybe an hour or two. The down town is so much less. Which makes me think, for sure the v-beam is not safe, maybe it's not so bad to get a YAG?

I'm wonder if YAG's are safe to do while on Accutane?

Has anyone here been treated with a YAG laser for facial veins while on Accutane?

If not, how long should I wait?

I don't want to do the wrong thing and end up giving myself a burn or injury. I'm not sure what to do, because, in addition to the dry eyes that Accutane causes, I also have some redness and itching caused by my occular rosacea. It's getting hard to just "deal with it". I usually get maintenance laser treatments of the YAG laser below my eyebrows every few months.

I had a fear the veins would start to come back while I was on Accutane, and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it, and now that fear is really becoming a reality, and I feel trapped.

Would someone with some experience with Accutane and laser vein treatment please help me? I really don't want to do the wrong thing.

thanks so much


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As far as I know, absolutely no laser treatments on accutane until you are 1 year post treatment. Your skin will not be able to heal normally whilst you are on accutane and you could potentially do a lot of damage to your skin. However if in doubt talk to your dermatologist buti would stay away from any kind of invasive skin treatment of any kind.

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