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Vit A: Acetate Vs. Palmitate Vs. Beta Carotene

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I was wondering if anyone had any good information on the differences between these forms of Vitamin A. Or if anyone could share their experience with any of them.

I ask because I was at the store today comparing these, and had a very hard time deciding.


Vitamin A (Acetate) (10,000 IU)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.

-I went with this one because it has the fewest ingredients. I was a little worried about the brand, and it says "no added wheat, soy, gluten, dairy, etc". No added? Oh well.


Vitamin A* (Palmitate) ......................5500 mcg (10,000 IU)

* From cod liver oil

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: I forget... gelatin capsule, etc. but it also had soybean oil.

-I didn't choose this one because the cod liver oil made me iffy... I know it breaks some people out, and Omega 3 from fish oil seemed to break me out in the past, I think I have a sensitivity to some fish. Also, I have a sensitivity to soy so I wasn't sure about the soybean oil.

From what I could gather, Palmitate is just a more refined Acetate. Is that true? I think that could be argued as a good or a bad thing.


Beta Carotene ........................18, 000 mcg (30,000 IU)

-I didn't choose this one because I have a feeling half of my problem is being unable to convert beta carotene in my liver. So taking this might be useless. It also might make my skin orange. It does seem more natural though. If someone can give me good enough reason, I may try this one next time.

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I'm not extremely knowledgable about supplements, but when I was choosing one for myself I based it on my diet. For example, I already get a lot of beta carotene because I eat a lot of squash, sweet potato, and carrots. Therefore I chose one derived from halibut liver oil (palmitate).

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I been taking the nature brand vitamin A

8k ui from sardin liver oil so far it has I seen major improvement on my skin I have less oil production and I got 1 pimple this week (been only taking it for a week too fyi)

Usually ill get 4 or 5 per week.

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