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How Long Until I Can Expect Results?

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Hi everyone, I am new to these forums, so if I am in the wrong forum, please let me know, thank you!

So anyways a little about me. I suffer from Moderate to Severe acne, with the majority coming around my mouth area, and my cheeks. I am 17 years old, and have had acne since I was 14 or so. When I first got acne it was on my forehead, then last year I got a ton of breakouts around my mouth area, mostly on my chin. Now I still have those (not as bad) but some acne on the cheeks as well. So, I went to my dermatologist October 23,2012 which would have been almost two weeks ago now. She prescribed me a cream, called Epiduo, as well as a oral antibitoic known as doxycyline. She also reccomended I try the Cetaphil oil control facewash and moisturizer. I really like that facewash. Anyways, it has been almost two weeks, and I havent seen any improvement, infact I would say it has gotten worse! I had a huge flare up on my chin a couple days ago with about 6-8 whiteheads shootin through, and two huge honkers on my right cheek that have been there for a week or so now. The point of this whole thing is, when can I expect to see results. Another week? Maybe two? Mostly from the epiduo gel is what I am looking for I think that is the most important thing. And also, when users start on Epiduo do they usually experience breakouts for a while at the start? Thanks alot guys.

To Summarize:

Got put on Doxycycline, and Epiduo, had two breakouts one on chin one on cheek. When will it get better?

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Looks like it has been a few weeks since you posted this but let's see...I started on tretinoin October 18, 2012 which isn't the same as Epiduo but it still a retinoid so will likely have similar effects and we're roughly on the same schedule (plus I'm on ampicillin, an antibiotic). My first 2 weeks were pretty much the same, no improvement or worsening of acne just some dryness and flaking. Week 2-4 saw some minor improvement on one side of my face but the other side started to get worse. Now I'm almost 5 weeks in and holy moly, it's bad! I'm getting TONS of pimples everywhere and my face is an oil slick. On the bright side...I've noticed that even though I am getting a bunch of pimples overall they seem smaller than they have been in the past and maybe like they're clearing up faster than before?

I'm wondering if your experience is similar. In scouring these forums the most common answer of what to expect is...it depends rolleyes.gif

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It all depends on the person but the general rule of thumb is that you should see noticeable improvement by 3 months you may not be crystal clear but you should notice a positive change.

Retinoids all take time so try be patient and stay positive that's half of the battle won there.

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Hey its been about (1...2....3...4....5) 5 months or so now, and my acne has improved so much!

Im not saying i have clear skin, I have a TON of acne scars from before but my breakouts have gone done from way in the double digits a week, to maybe 1 to 3 noticeable sons of bitches a week. great improvement but i still wish it could be better.

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