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Internal Pimple... What To Do Know?

Hi people!

I've a pimple under the skin about a week now, and i don't know what to do to get it better.

A week ago it was just a white head under the skin, and along this last few days if i touch it (which i always avoid it directly), it hurt a lot.

But today, i almost don't feel anything, but it is very big (maybe 0,5mm height) and red, and i dont see the head of the pimple.

I haven't applied anything, because i don't really want to come to the surface, i just want it to cure alone inside the skin.

The question is, what can i do about the redness and the size of it?

I'm starting to feeling very unconfortable with it. I hope to hear some good opinions here.

Best luck to all of you...

Take care.

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Have you tried putting aha + as a spot treatment?

Sorry... What is aha + as?? Thanks

Alpha hydroxy acid... Its one of the products in the regimen..

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if its red and not just lump i think its coming to the surface. ive been suffering from these and the lumps take ages to come to the surface. you should go see a dermatologist if its bothering you

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Thank for your help!

I cleaned the face in the morning with tea tree cream lotion, and applied the tea tree moisturizing. I've also applied directly tea tree oil about 5 times a day.

(I bough this products on the body shop for about 30 euros. Works great!)

The pimple came to the surface, but not very aggressive, and the white head almost never appear.

I'm writing this note 2 weeks later, and the mark hasn't fade yet, but it's close. I've continued to apply all this stuff.

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