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The Cure Is Internal

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You have acne. So what? Acne is just a flaw. Everybody has insecurities, some people look in the mirror and think "i'm ugly, i'm fat, etc." I realized that when i let myself be down all the time because of my skin it only got worse, when i chosed to accept it, it got better. Yea, i still have acne and acne red marks/spots, but i accept it. People think ignoring it will help, no. When you look into the mirror learn to love your acne. Act as if it is a good thing. Maybe its like battle scars, maybe people will think its cool. Okay, maybe not. But you get my point. People don't care as much as you think they do, this is what goes through there head when they see you; "he/she have acne bla bla bla" and thats it. It's not like they think about it 24 / 7. yes of course they will notice it and think something, whatever bla bla. But thats it. People also notice everything else like weight, hair, height, etc. My point is to just learn to love it, i have and it has gotten better. The only thing i need to work on is getting rid of the scars. Just live your life, don't worry about it. :)

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Its foolish to think that we only feel bad about our acne because we are worried about what people think about us. I could care less what people think of me. I feel compelled to overcome my acne just to make myself happy and confident in my own life. It is true that life would be easier if we cared less about our appearance, but you have no right to downplay our issues. It makes people feel even more insecure when everyone around them is telling them to stop worrying about "small" things.

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