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The Truth About Dermarolling .-.

Found this, someone posted:

"If you want real life examples of people who have successfully used dermarolling to improve scars and stretch mark visit a website called essentialdayspa.com. There is a thread there on their forum dedicated entirely to dermarolling that is almost 200 pages long and several years old: {edited}

Anecdotal evidence means nothing in the face of first hand experience. And for God sake, why would you pay a Dr. $2000 to do this when you can buy the roller for under $100 and do your own treatments? That is the point of the dermaroller - save a little money and get great results. Many people on EDS turned to this method after trying Fraxel or Thermage and being highly disappointed.

Now my experience. I started rolling in July of this year using 1.5 cm needles. I specifically wanted to shrink pores, tighten skin and remove discoloration from my face. I am very impatient and the forum users on EDS had to explain to me that real results do not begin to show until 6 or 10 months down the road. It is now October and I can say that I have had excellent results already and can not wait until December to arrive so I can see even more improvement. Results are suppose to last up to 2 years. I plan to make this a regular routine for the rest of my days or until I just get sick of rolling. I plan to roll once a month 6 months out of the year and let my skin rest for the other 6 months.

Hope this info helps anyone curious about dermarolling."


>"Results are supposed to last up to 2 years."<


Uhm, what? I've never heard that before. Especially since needling supposedly "breaks up scar tissue, and replaces it with new skin/tissue."

How could that reverse?

Can somebody clear this up for me?

"Derma rollers will cause the skin to destroy scar tissue, and replace it with brand new skin cells - eliminating scars."

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Dermarolling is not just used for treating acne scars, it's also for wrinkles, tone, texture. All those improvements will gradually disappear as you stop rolling. Plus, scar tissue is tough. I don't think it's entirely eliminated. Just my opinion.

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