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Your Topical Skin Treatment?

Better yet can anyone suggest some gentle ways to exfoliate? I'm using ACV but i think it's a little weak.

I've literally just come off the caveman, that didn't work that well for me. Now i'm at a loss as what to do with my topical treatment. All i know is that my skin does a lot better on the homemade topical treatments, something gentle.. I'm kind of aware that i need to exfoliate, tone and then moisturize,is this really necessary though? I don't really have greasy skin anymore but it is a little oily. I think i'll use ACV as an exfoliant, green tea as a toner and jojoba oil and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer.

But how many times a week should i do either?

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When you ask: is this really necessary though? My personal answer is no...and my reasoning is: for the reason you probably went on the caveman regimen in the first place. Our skin is genetically designed to be balanced and healthy and regenerate and heal itself with no problems. Go ask tribal societies if it is "necessary" to do all three steps in that routine to have clear skin. So the caveman regimen didn't work for you and you feel like doing something more. I have to say personally, ACV is NOT gentle. Yes- it works for many people...but, at the end of the day, its still an acid, burning off the top layer of your skin. Moisturizers will likely offset the PH balance that the caveman regimen was trying to restore. Advice: wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water and raw honey. Pat dry. See how this goes. It's a step up from the caveman, but not as harsh as a 'cleanser toner moisturizer' regimen. Balance is key, right?

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