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Should I Or Shouldn't I Use Retin-A?

Hi Guys,

I have visited my doctor (General Practitioner) and he prescribed me Retin-A gel 0.01.

I do not have bad acne and my complaint was about the oily skin and the few 2 or 3 persistent spots that flare up mainly on my forehead every now and then but never in great numbers. What I have at the moment is a few (3-4) dried spots and a couple of hyper-pigmentation on my forehead mainly from recent spots and maybe as a result of two months course on Duac. Usually they go on their own with time.

I am not sure whether I should use Retin-A just in case it messes my face up and make matters worse!

Even if I decide to use it, I will probably use it on my forehead where the main problem is although I have visible pores on and a couple of brown marks on my cheeks as well.

So what do you guys who used Retin-A think? Any advice?

Also, how long am I supposed to be sticking to it and if I decided to stop before the required course will there be any reverse actions?


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I can't tell you if you should use it or not but if you decide to, you have to give it at least 6 weeks to see results and if you stop using it, then your acne would most likely return.

Have you tried OTC products? Sometimes just a gentle cleanser, a leave-on BHA product, spot treat with benzoyl peroxide and light moisturizer on dry areas if needed works well for mild acne. Also, an AHA containing product might help with oil. There are also mattifying products too, Murad makes one.

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