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well, i haven't posted here in quite a while because i had made SO much progress on my acne. it's safe to say it was gone. GONE. i'd get the occasional pimple - one itty bitty teeny tiny one would pop up every now and then.

it started last fall and reached its peak in the winter. in the spring, i discovered this website & the regimen, and i gave it a whirl. holy smokes...did it EVER work. i couldn't believe my eyes.

don't know what happened recently...but BAM. acne is back in full force. it looks like a reddened rash of inflamed bumps all over my face, particularly on one side and across my forehead. i am so bummed about this :(

so, it looks like it's back to the drawing board for me. admittedly, i DID start slacking on the regimen a bit since i felt i was 'cured'...i didn't think it would return with so much force. i was doing it diligently two times a day..but within the last couple of months i've been missing treatments every now and then on a fairly regular basis.

so...here i go. starting fresh. so disappointed in myself.

wish me luck!

products i am using (and had tremendous success with):

cetaphil gentle cleansing bar

followed by a small amount of cetaphil gentle cleansing wash

followed by st. ives green tea scrub

followed by cetaphil moisturizer.

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so you're not using the regimen again even though it works for you?

That's how the regimen (and BP in general) works though - it's the sort of thing that you have to keep using to continue to see good results. You may be able to use less of the product after a while but you'll still have to use it. That's my understanding of it anyway.

Also there's no reason for you to be disappointed in yourself.

Anyway - good luck with what you're doing now! :)

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