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Hey guys.

I'm almost done with month 3 of Accutane and I am taking 30 mg every other day because I have sensitive skin and even though my height and weight show that I could take more, my body can't handle more than that. Anyways (before I get off-topic) I've noticed the following.

Every time I take a shower, most of my pimples begin opening up. I know it's supposed to be a normal thing because of the pores opening up and all that, but it frustrates me that it's always those pimples that end up getting re-infected and converted into a whitehead. I've also had this annoying cyst on my left cheek that drains practically every shower on its own but by the next shower time it's loaded with more pus. It's not a lot and I've noticed the size go down, but why does it keep re-infecting?

Another thing is dead skin on my face. I have some of these flat pimples that have a little scab on them. I don't pick them, I just sometimes gently do circles on top of it with my index finger while taking a shower. Thing is, it comes off, but beneath it there's raw skin (as in that skin that you use a tissue to dry out a little blood from it, and the tissue sticks on it the whole time and it burns). Why does the skin do this? Even if I don't remove the scab, I'm always getting raw skin after taking a shower, and it sucks because it burns my face when I try to dry it off with a towel.

Any information regarding these two things anyone? I'm all ears. If it helps, I use Skinceuticals Light-Weight Moisturizer due to my sensitive skin. I know I'll get scars but it really doesn't matter because the redness will go away post accutane and at least I'll have clear skin. I'd love all the info you give me. I never lose faith that everything will get better. I'm more than sure that by November I'll begin to see everything getting even better. Not saying my face hasn't improved (because some friends and my parents see improvement) but it'll get better. I'm just curious about these two problems. Thanks yo and never lose faith :D

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USE CERA VE PM!!! im on tretinoin .1% soooo i know a lot about moisturizing

USE CERA VE PM!!! im on tretinoin .1% soooo i know a lot about moisturizing

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