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I'm new to acne.org but anyways here's my story..sorry if it's long /: In 2011, my skin was flawless. It was clear, and I didn't even wash it or anything! Well, I got a zit but my dad told me to just pop it and it would go away. I did, and it went away but the next day it was HUGE and red. Then in January this year, I started gettin little bumps on my face. I'm 12, I know I'm young, but I'm pretty sure it's all just hormonal. Anyways, my face began to completely break out an by the summer it was terrible. I cried an cried so my mom took me to the derm. I don't remember the name of the cream she gave me, but it was terrible an dried my skin a lot!! At first, my skin was alright, then I used it an my face had me in tears! It got worse and flaky, and I hate that I'm a picker, and I started peeling it. Bad, right? It looked red and puffy and sometimes it would bleed. It looked like someone ha dragged my face against concrete. My mom started giving me moisturizers and my face got better but it still looked bad. I went back for my monthly appointment but by then my face was 'ok'. My mom even admitted to my dermatologist I looked terrible and it was nasty. The derm. said my face didn't look like it had acne but it was just dry so she gave me Retin-A. It worked wonders! My face looked fine in 3 days. I was so happy. My face stayed clear and I went back for an appointment and they just gave me moisturizers. She prescribed me Finacea. She told me I keep using that, my face would stay clear for a long time. My mom went to the pharmacy and it cost $100. She had a ten dollar off coupon though but that doesn't make a difference. She hasn't bought it though. She said she would buy it when my face starts getting bad again. I have bumps on my forehead, and I've read so many success stories about Finacea. My mom is going to buy it for me on Friday, since she gets paid. I've heard common side affects include itching, burning, and dryness. I'm the type of person who has no patience so if it makes my fce peel and peel, then I'll stop using it 'cause I think it 'doesn't work and made my face look worse.' What moisturizers, creams, or oils do you suggest? Do you have a specific routine? Thankyou!

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What oils do I suggest? Jojoba oil and Evening Primrose oil, mixed together. I have used SOOOOO many natural oils in the past 6 months, and these are my new favorites.

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