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Not Sure What To Do Now..... Accutane?


Not sure what to do now been battling acne for a few years now, (I'm an 18 year old male) and it is really effecting my confidence and making life difficult. I would say that the current state of my acne now is moderate to serve still get cysts and noduals but has calmed done a bit from its worst state earlier on in the year. I also have widespread acne on the chest and back. Both my body and chest acne seem to go through major breakout phases every few weeks.

I have less active zitz although still get new ones pretty much each day, but I have lots of red and purplish marks.

I have tried lots of things from the acne org regimen to topical retinoids (they made it far worse I know it gets worse before it gets better but it broke me out for 6 weeks so I stopped) I used to put BP over whole face stopped that a few months ago and only use it as a spot treatment mainly on cysts as putting it on constantly was making me break out. My current main cleanser is gamophen soap ( which is quite harsh but ha worked better than cetaphil and acne org cleanser) My GP also gave me a solution that include sulphur and sylicytic acid which i apply to the skin twice a day for 15mins and then rinse off this has helped a bit although I still get cysts, but has made my skin dry and flakey ( I am terrified of using a moisturiser although i know that I should) I have been on doxy and erythromycin, the erythromycin for about 5 months helped a little. Anyway it is not really getting me clear at all I want to be clear because it is really effecting me.

I finally got into see a derm in 2 weeks time.... I know like all the GPs that they will say accutane. The big issue for me here is contacts, I use orthkryotlogy lenses during the nigh (they reshape the eye temporally for short sighted people) t. I love these I dont want to not be able to wear them because of tane, this is what is putting me off starting a course of it. I heard that lens wear is possible with eye drops but not at night... Would a small dose accutane still clear me up but not give me major dry eyes????

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it depends but most likely ur eyes will get dry

my eyes got so dry they hurt and i always used eye drops..

but if ur on a lower dose it may not be as bad.

can u not just wear glasses during accutane because i think u should go for it, it could really help you!

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