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What To Do? Anyone Ever Had This?

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Can anyone who has had a long term cyst talk about what they did.......I had one that started almost 2 months ago and have had it injected 3 times with cortisone and it won't go away and now it's firm too. I can feel the "sac" in there but when poked there isn't any puss, it's just blood that comes out. It's deflated it a bit since the cortisone shots but I'm still completely distraught because it's ruined my face. It's pulling the skin in around it too so I have 2 dent like scars in my face above and below it and I'm worried the longer it sits here the worse the damage will be. My derm said he could inject it again with cortisone again after another month goes by but I know that cortisone inhibits healing so I don't know if I should do that again. I'm afraid too much cortisione will inhibit collegen growth and I'll be left with a bunch of atrophy there. I'm guessing that even if it takes the lump down the "sac" will still be there pulling the skin down around it.

What do I do?

Do I have to get surgery to get the sac out? Has anyone ever had this where it finally healed and went away on its own?

I've been applying castor oil packs and heat to it and that seems to help and every morning it looks better but later on in the day it seems to be more swollen again.

I really want it to just heal though. I've read several stories about castor oil over several weeks healing stuff; I'm just not sure if I'm making any progress or not with my current treatment.

Please anyone who has experience post what to do. Surgery?

Should I try and needle the sac myself? I'm about to do that because I know surgery will leave a scar and I honestly almost trust myself more with a needle than a surgeon at this point. Plus I'm getting so desperate for this thing to be done.

Has anyone had a cyst/bump that never went away, not poppable and not infected, just sore and raised with a "sac" in the middle like this?

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What has your dermatologist said you do other than getting another cortisone shot? Did they suggest surgery? Honestly, I don't really think that two months is THAT long nor is it anywhere near long enough to think about getting surgery. I know how you feel though. Cystic pimples are horrible. They should be outlawed or something lol but I highly doubt that the cyst has ruined your face. And I know that this may seem hard to believe, but people probably don't even notice it. And I know this because anytime I ever had a cyst, people really didn't notice it. They only noticed it when I started picking at it and made it a gazillion times worse. Another reason I know this because I never ever notice cysts on other people. And it's not because other people don't get them, because more people than you think do. it's because people aren't staring at your face looking for flaws. Luckily for them (and myself) it's usually a rare occurence, but don't get yourself down. The more you think about it, the more likely you are to keep touching it, and playing with it, and picking at it. Try not to do any of that stuff, especially the last two. If you keep touching your cyst to see if its gone down (I'm sure everyone does it because I know have), all the bacteria from your hands is getting on the cyst and just slowing down the process so seriously, don't touch it! It didn't go down since the last time you checked it two minutes ago. But the first cyst I ever had lasted over 3 months. It was HUGE and I had no idea what it was so I would sit in front of the mirror for hours trying to pop it, but nothing or barely anything would come out. Well after having it forever, I came to the realization that it will never go away so I stopped playing with it and honestly, didn't really think about it too much anymore, and guess what, not too long after I gave up on it, it was gone. And I really think yours will too. My cyst was soo big and I didn't think it would ever go away but it did, and sometimes it does take a while for them to go away, but I noticed that when I just leave them alone, and don't try to pop them, they go away much faster. Now whenever I have a cyst(which hasn't be in a long time ((KNOCK ON WOOD)), I ice it, put on Mario's Buffering lotion, and my last cyst only lasted 4 maybe 5 days. And it was gone. Sorry this is soo long, I just really feel for you because I have been in the same exact situation as you. Where almost all you ever think about is that damn pimple, and at times it can really affect your life. But don't let it, you haven't ruined your face and just leave it alone, and I'm almost positive that soon your pimple will be gone :)

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HI Ewwpimples,

Thanks for your post.

In answer to your question, Yes, those are the options my derm gave me; another cortisone shot or surgery.

Instead, currently I am thinking about needling around the "sac" because the issue isn't that it's raised on my skin so much as that fact that it's pulling down the skin beneath and above it. Basically it looks like scar tissue has formed. With a normal cyst that develops it is simply raised/ a bump above the skin whereas this is somewhat raised, yes, but the main issue is the effect of the "sac" on the surrounding skin.

I have needled my other scars with success in the past and never caused scarring; only improved the look of my skin by needling so that's why I said I think I trust myself to needle it more than a surgeon right now; I'm afraid they wouldn't be careful enough with it.

Has anyone here had surgery to have a cyst removed? How did it go? Did you regret it or was it a good decision?

Ewwpimples, Can you please tell me about your cyst that lasted 3 months; did it reach this stage? Did it have a "sac" that was semi firm and couldn't be popped and pulled the skin down around it? I wish it was just in infected cyst because I feel like I'd know how to treat it but I fear this has gone beyond a normal cyst and that's why my derm said surgery might be the only way to get rid of it.

As for touching it with dirty fingers, I'm not that stupid, LOL, I am totally paranoid about it and don't ever touch it without scrubbing my hands with alcohol.

Thanks a million for anyones input

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Hey. How do you needle around the sac? And to be quite honest, the cyst that I had that last three months was about 4 years ago so I it's hard for me to remember what exactly it was like, but it was a huge raised bump. Not even in a circular form, it was just this massive lesion on my face. I'm not sure though what you mean by sac? I've had pus in my cysts before, but never a sac, nor do I think I did.

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Hey. How do you needle around the sac? I'm not sure though what you mean by sac? I've had pus in my cysts before, but never a sac, nor do I think I did.

It's just like it sounds, like a "sac" under the skin. If you push fluid/or whatever it is side to side it will push up against the walls of the sac, it's like the pus or whatever it is is encased. Anyways, I was thinking about needling it to try to break it up.

Ok, well here's the update for me.

I saw 2 different derms today.

One told me it was a hypertrophic scar but that it was an "active scar" then said I needed to get on antibiotiocs both internal and topical for a month.

I don't understand this; has anyone taken antibiotics to shrink scar tissue before? I think she must really thought it was infected for me to need antibiotics and that's what she meant by "active scar"

The 2nd derm put my on antibiotics as well, I'm taking minocyline twice a day for a week and she thinks I will see some improvement. It does hurt quite a bit when pushed on so this makes my think it is infected/inflammed.

Has anyone gotten a cyst to shrink in a week from antibiotics before?

Thanks for anyone's help!

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