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Blue Light Therapy


First of all I dont know if this is the right forum to post this topic! Im sorry if it isnt.

Im about to try out blue light home therapy in combination with my treatment I already use.

The only problem is that I found some different lamps and I dont know which one is better.

So these are the 2 kinda types i've found:

Lamps that shine on your skin from a little distance, like the Caribbean Sun Box etc.(These lamps are the most common)

I also found one that you put actually on the skin. (Lustre pure light) Now I wonder if there is any difference between letting it shine from a little distance or putting it directly on your skin.

If there isn't any difference, which of the lights from little distance would you recommend? I prefer one with the highest surface.

Thanks already,


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I would only reccomend omnilux clear u on blue setting.have used others trophy skin terrible and the colored pegboard gor 125 dolla r s worthless. Use omnilux right on skin for a minimum of 8 minutes.if u hold the light away wont work will take all day to penetrate.i rotate 4 devic es on face.extra adapters at powerstream.com. get 24 volt wallmount. Input 90- 240 13.50 plus shipping apiece. The sinpro and phihong adapters with omnilux short out and are then worthless. But device great good luck

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