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Hi, Depressed About Acne...

Hi my name is Brianna and im new to this website so im still getting the hang of it. So im 16 years old and ive suffered from acne since i was about 14. For the most part i suffered alot because of my picking, i pick so hard and my acne swells and turns into scabs and after that i have to deal with a dark spot and new acne on top of that... my acne isnt severe but most recently ive broken out worse and i dont know why? At this exact moment i have about 6 pimples on the lower part of my face and im trying really hard to resist from picking, my forhead was recently picked at last night and very swolen with scabs. As well as another pimple on the side of my nose which is too deep to even pick. My acne is not even that noticable until i start picking... i did an entire week pick free and i was beginning to gain some confidence (even with my hyper pigmentation and acne). Yesterday i was home all day and i was beginning to feel very self conscious and frustrated and I picked... i picked my entire forhead very violently, and the side of my nose which never even popped. My mom wont listen and says I'm letting my whole life revolve around a little pimple, but what she will not understand is how it makes feel and how it affects my everyday life. I see lots of girls around school who have such nice skin and thats all i want. I want to gain my confidence again. But i know that as long as I continue picking ill never acheive my goal. My acne/acne scarring/picking has kept me from alot of things. I dont even want to leave the house because of my picking and its kept me from school, from hanging out with friend's, and jto deal wit ust every day life in general. It makes incredibly depressed because once the damage is done what do i do in the mean time? I know ill just have to deal with my actions but it takes alot of time and patience .... that ive just grown so frustrated with and i dont know what to do? School has me stressed, my acne has me stressed, but i know that i just cant give up. Im hoping that this website really gives me an open mind and hope with all these people who suffer from the same things but in such different ways.

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Good luck, Brianna! You can do it! Try and stay positive. I know I get down on myself after I pick and see what I've done. And you're right you can't give up. This is a battle I know. I'm still struggling myself. Best of luck to you!

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Wow your post describes my life to a T! I'm a 17 year old girl who's been suffering from acne since I was 14. I also battle with picking. I feel like my acne is very mild but i make it soooo much worse by scratching/picking/rubbing it. I wish there was some way i could get myself to stop! I'm trying to take it day by day and stop myself from picking. I know if i stop picking and keep up with a good regimen i can get my skin to heal. Why is it so hard for me to actually follow through with it?? It just makes me feel good knowing other people on here are suffering from the same things I am. Acne also keeps me from school, friends, etc. I feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest and I'm just hiding in my room all day, afraid for people to see my face...I hate it!! I'm trying to do the 30 day challenge, and take it day by day. We can get through this, I know it! It has me depressed too, although my depression started before my acne did, the acne has made it 100x worse. I feel like i hate myself so much, and I don't know how to deal with it. I hope things work out well for you Brianna. If we all work hard we can do this! Good luck to you

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