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Hey everyone!

As far as I know, there isn't anything on this site's forums regarding a product called Salon Pas- a product which has really worked well for me! In addition to alternating using Duac gel, Tazorac cream and Aczone from my dermatologist, I have found that these mini heat patches- sold at most pharmacies, and I'm pretty sure you can get them at Target and on Amazon.com, too- help a lot in treating stubborn acne. Each box contains a total of 40 patches, which can be cut down to as small as you need them and placed over the pimple you want to treat. While the price per box is under $10 where I've seen them, cutting the patches down further prolongs your supply of the product, which is a plus. They work well in their ability to generate concentrated heat in a small area, and they stay relatively fixed in place for an extended period of time- I often wear them to bed, and they're still on my face in the morning. Holding a hot washcloth to my face everytime I want to reduce a pimple is rather tiring on the arms, so this method is much easier ha. They do leave a sticky residue upon removing them from the skin, as well as some redness, but to me it is a small price to pay for reducing the size of a pimple or cyst. On smaller pimples, they usually come to a head after a couple uses- sometimes even after just one use. I've even put them on cysts as well and I have found them to improve much quicker than they would have by just leaving them alone. I just wanted to post this so that others could benefit from my findings! My skin is not clear by any means, but in finding new remedies in the form of such items gives me encouragement that I'm on the path to clear skin :)

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I see that this post has got some views. Please let me know by replying to this topic if my Salon Pas suggestion has been able to help you at all and what kind of results (if any) you have seen! Thanks

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