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Clarisonic - Should I Still Use It?

Hi, I just found this site and I am super excited to try the products! I'll let you guys know how things work out. I purchased a Clarisonic last year and love how it makes my face feel, although I have not seen a lot of improvements with my acne. If i follow the Regimen, it looks like I will have to stop using it. Is using Clarisonic bad for my face? Should I stop using it for good?

Thanks for your feedback!

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I've been on the acne.org regimen for about 4 years now and I purchased a Clarisonic earlier this year (I think around February). I use the Clarisonic Mia 2 with the deep pore cleansing brush head twice a day. For me, the Clarisonic definitely helps with exfoliating all of the dry, flaky skin that benzoyl peroxide can cause. I also use the acne.org AHA+ (glycolic acid) every other night. I know Dan (acne.org founder) says that too much manual exfoliation can be irritating, and I do agree; however, I think it's also important to get rid of all the flaky skin so your skincare products can absorb better into the skin.

Everyone's skin is different, but I would recommend that you stop using your Clarisonic brush while you begin the acne.org regimen. Then once your skin adjusts to the benzoyl peroxide, you can introduce the Clarisonic back into your skincare routine. I would start using it once a day or even once every other day and work your way up to twice a day, if needed. Are you interested in trying the AHA+ product as well? I highly recommend it!

I hope I was somewhat helpful. I really love my Clarisonic, but some people have more sensitive skin than others. I think it exfoliates much better than a washcloth or baby hair brush. What Clarisonic brush head are you currently using? I've read a ton of reviews and blogs, and it seems like many people actually get better results with the deep pore cleansing brush than with the sensitive or delicate ones. In fact, my purchase came with both the sensitive and deep pore brushes and I find the deep pore one to be softer!

Also, good luck on the acne.org regimen and please let me know if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to help you. I never had an initial breakout purge when I started, so hopefully you won't as well. Remember to be gentle to your skin and start the treatment slowly, like once a day for the first week or two.

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Thanks for your feedback! I was using the deep pore brush but switched to the sensitive brush. After I read your response I did start using the clarisonic again, it really made a difference with the flakiness! So has your face gotten used to the BP? Does your face stop flaking after using it awhile? I found that my face (even using the moisturized was super dry.) I did try the AHA and that helped exfoliate. I originally used the whole regimen on my entire face, but I thankfully only breakout on my forehead so I stopped using it on my entire face and just use it in that area. I must say though that after suffering through all the flakiness the rest of my face looks much better. Quick question how often do you use AHA? do you still use the BP every day?

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