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Need To Get Rid Of Scars

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Alright so i need to get rid of all these red marks/spots. As you can see in the picture i still have acne. but only about 3 or 4 of what you saw is acne. The rest are scars/ red marks. I wash my face with water twice a day and i put lemon juice/aloe vera/strawberries on my face occasionally. Also i drinkpost-165329-0-84781100-1350849522_thumb. bigelow green tea occasionally. What do i do!??! I want to get rid of all this, thanks.

P.S, i live in Phoenix, AZ where there is alot of sun. I walk to and home from school, that could be a factor.


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Man, that's what I've got too. I had a pretty bad breakout on my left cheek in the middle of September and now I have it almost clear (looks like I am a bit flushed). Here is what I have been doing:

1) Lemon juice on the spots for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times every day;

2) Manuka honey mask on the whole face for a couple hours once or twice daily (get some honey with UMF16+).

3) Green tea toner in the morning and evening to replace BP;

4) Use BP only on active spots sparingly. Do not use it on red spots since it slows their healing process.

That's pretty much all, I don't really know of anything else. You might also try putting Apple Cider Vinegar on your face, but it did not help me much. Also, go to a cosmetician, I've heard chemical peelings could help out a lot. I am going to do one in November.

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Microdermabrasion really helped my red marks. It took 3 sessions (each session cost me $85 at with a medical esthetician at a dermatologists office...spas do it for a lot less but not sure if their machines are as strong as the ones from a dermatologists office) to get rid of them but I didn't have many...just a few here and there. Honestly, I would prefer to have red marks rather than pitted scars (which I have).

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Rosehip Seed Oil has helped me more than anything else. I have very fair skin and even the smallest spot will leave a red mark. Then, I had a horrible reaction to a sunscreen back in Feb 2012 and it took 7 months to clear up the cystic acne... You can imagine all of the scarring from that. RHSO is naturally high in retinol, fatty acids and other vitamins. Heres a link with a lot of very good info on RHSO.


You could also try Rosehip Tea. I hope that it helps you!

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