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Should I Hold Off Starting My Accutane Because Of My Birthday Celebrations?

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I know the title of this post was a little odd, haha, but here is my dilemma:

I have been prescribed Accutane (60mg) after 2 years of having NOTHING work for my skin. I'm actually really, really excited and want to start my Accutane journey ASAP. I'm 21 and almost done university, so I'd love to get my acne under control by March when I have to interview for internships.


I've had my blood work done and have my first 30-day round of treatment filled. Its currently sitting on my desk. BUT, my 22nd birthday is this upcoming Thursday, and I'm wondering if I should wait until my "birthday weekend" is over.

I'm not a huge drinker, but I won't lie and say that I don't plan on drinking and going to the bar for my 22nd birthday haha. According to my dermatologist, I'm not banned from drinking on accutane but my drinking should be limited to maybe a couple small glasses of wine a week (I'm a BIG wine lover, lol. I drink a glass of red every night with dinner) if anything.

On the other hand, my roommate who has taken accutane claims that she drank while on her's, but it simply is a lot easier to get drunk-- two beers is all you need.

Anyway. I'm just torn. I want to get going on my treatment but I also want to have at least a few drinks on my birthday. Will I be okay if I start or should I just wait it out?

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idk about drinking and accutane together, but i would hold off on starting the accutane until after your birthday... ive had so many times where i started a new topical (even though accutanes not a topical) and i thought i would pass the purging stage and clear up in time for a certain event.....smh LOL

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I would start a couple days after your bday weekend. Happy upcoming bday!

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