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Initial Break Out With Aha And How Much To Use When First Starting?

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Hi acne.org community :)

I have been on the acne.org regimen for almost 2 months and I'm seeing great results! My skin is so flaky though...it's embarassing :/ I use at least 8 drops of jojoba oil twice per day...and like 3 pumps of the acne.org moisturizer morning and night and my skin is flaky still! Especially along my jawline, chin area, and forehead. I'm thinking that the AHA might be a good way to exfoliate some of this dead skin off my face!

I'm nervous though about the initial break out with AHA. I have sensitive skin so I have to start really slow too. What can I expect when starting it? How much should I start with? I was planning to mix a little in with my moisturizer.

Feed back is appreciated!

Thank you!


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I did not experience any initial breakouts when I started AHA. There was a mild stinging sensation immediately after applying for the first week or so, but now I don't have any sort of irritation with it. I would suggest only using AHA at night as it can leave your skin looking a little flushed and shiny. I use a large pea sized amount of AHA after applying BP.

If you have sensitive skin, you should do a test patch of skin; just apply a small amount of AHA on your jawline or under your ear to make sure that you don't have an adverse reaction to it.

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Thanks for the advice! Will it help with flakiness? I am so flaky...I'm not red anymore..and acne is improving a lot...but the flakes are killing me. I use 3 pumps of the acne.org moisturizer morning and night but I look like a lizard still.

Im planning to start using cetaphil moisturizing lotion at night and see if it helps. I want to exfoilate my skin so bad haha. Get all the flakes off.

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Yep, it should help with flakiness. You likely won't get immediate results, so don't get discouraged In my experience, AHA is a product that really works best when used consistently over time. Within a month or so, I started seeing a noticeable improvement in my skin tone and texture. I've been using Dan's AHA religiously for a few years now; I consider it to be an essential part of my regimen.

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Rush is one of the lucky ones with AHA who didnt break out. I unfortunately did, but I was mentally prepared for it and it only lasted a week and cleared up pretty quickly. Build up slowly with AHA, and I would suggest definitely mix it in with your moisturiser at first. LIke Rush says, apply it at night and probably only every 2nd night in the first week (if mixing it with moisturiser). You will grow to love the stinging because it will eventually make your skin glow.

As for the flakes, it took care of my dry skin within 2 weeks. No more flakes etc and it just kept improving each week from there.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)

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I'm about at two months now & need to order my AHA!

As for when my flaky skin is too much I can't take it, I mix the acne.org moisturizer with a little bit of cetaphil moisturizer & it helps a lot. My skin would not only look flakey and gross, but feel tight and uncomfortable & mixing in the cetaphil moisturizer helped a lot (I still have some flakes though)

Since your post was from about 2 months ago, how is the AHA working out for you?

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