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I've had acne since I was 11 years old. I got my first cyst at the age of 12. I'm now 17.

I've been thinking about Accutane. I realise I cannot just 'get it'. I have an appointment to a dermatologist next Tuesday, and I plan to tell her about everything I've tried.

I have tried countless over the counter products aswell as prescription medications (topical creams) including oral medication (antibiotics, birth control) with little to no effect. I exercise and eat healthy, I do not suffer from stress or depression either, but acne is affecting my self esteem, and I keep imagining how I'd look with a spotless face.

My skin isn't that oily, but I get about 4-5 large cysts weekly. You can't tell from the pictures, but my entire face (especially my forehead) is covered with closed comedones. (English is my third language, so please excuse me for my spelling). I have 4 cysts on my face right now. Some are under the skin, and only slightly red, but most of them are visible, more or less. I rarely get whiteheads or blackheads, instead I get big, painful cysts.

I do not pick on my skin, I don't pop any pimples and I cleanse my skin with a mild cleanser. I avoid touching my face too.

In my country, there is no iPledge thing. The protocol for getting Roaccutane is not very strict. I live in a small town and there is only one derm here. I've seen people with mild acne get accutane.

Also the price is no obstacle. If I do get an accutane prescription, i will get it for free (thank you, healthcare!:).

By all means, I do not think I know more about Accutane and skin issues than the derm does, but I am aware of the side effects (even the rarest). Some people have had serious side effects, and please, do not try to recommend me anything else because of your bad experiences. We are all different. Of course I will listen to my derm and her recommendations, but do you think I have a possibility of getting accutane based on my skin?

I'd love to hear about your experiences too, positive or negative :)

Pictures below.




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It sounds like you're the perfect candidate. Fairly severe cystic acne and nothing else worked? Yeah I think Accutane will do the job. Just don't get pregnant, but it sounds like you've done your homework. I'd go for it.

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Personally I think hormonal treatment is a better option for most acne sufferers, since you can stay on hormonal treatment long term. Accutane works better for males. For females 30% find that their acne comes back after Accutane (there's a study about that, see the Acne Research board).

But honestly if I were in your position with free Accutane that was easy to get, I might have done it. I ended up doing hormonal treatment because the Accutane side effects are downright scary, plus my insurance didn't cover it so it was going to be $300 a month, plus a lot of other reasons.

But if your acne comes back after a course, look into hormonal treatment.

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Wow, your skin actually looks really good! I just finished my Accutane treatment, but my skin texture was ruined from the acne. I definitely think Accutane would work for you. Good luck, lovely!

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