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On Cure To Fix Stupid Bumps!

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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself my name is thomas and i have acne prone skin! whistling.gif( i know not the most exiting statement but as many of you also do have... lets place everything gross right in the middle of your face the only exposed body part... thanks scumbag body xD oh well im here to post my progress to get some advice and maybe find someone who has the same stuff as me (i dont hope anyone does, for the sake of them selfs). I have had milia since i went into puperty at around the age of 12.. and since then it has been evolving and i have today a face full of acne yaayyy ... tongue.png - so i have been taking all these photos to let you guys see what im having and trying to get rid off, i also would very much like some advice i live en Scandinavia and we dont have retin-A which ive heard should be the magic cure to this acne.. so im on these very expensive creams from exuviance i pay 110$ for some ''good cream'' which i doubt alot to be fair, i also got these recommended by a derm... and every derm uses these product (maybe because its good business?). i just want stuff that works ive been doing this for 2 months with sessions at the derm... and not much progress to be fair sad.png heres some pics

post-166576-0-99738100-1347647964_thumb. this pic is before i started on salic acid (btw that stuff made my skin freak out and gave me alot of acne) yeah i had about non on my face before i started that...

post-166576-0-58970900-1347648096_thumb. what it looks like now (yaaay for salic acid!!!!)

post-166576-0-56653500-1347648144.jpg other side

now i use a cleanser toner some expensive winkle stuff (my derm recommended) and SPF 15 and restorative night cream (depending on morning and night) and for pimples i use BP spot (strong stuff)





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It scares me that there isent a thing like ''that works for that acne, and that works for that acne'' its a puzzle and mostly you never find the right peace :-(

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I have these and found them to be very diet related. For me high-cholesterol and dairy are the cause and eliminating these is producing good results so far.

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