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Walking City

The Caveman Regimen, And Why It Could Be A Huge Mistake

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Hello all!

Hope you're all well. It has literally been years since I've posted here. I was successfully on Dan's CSR regimen for a good 5 years. The thing was, it cleared me up about 80%, but could never really get that last 20%. And, figuring as I'm 23 and thought I might have outgrown it, I managed to wean myself off BP and stay relatively clear. I was just cleansing and toning, although I think the toner was totally wrong for my skin, as I was constantly oily, and my skin always looked a little... ruddy?

Anyway, I read about the Caveman Regimen. I thought, great! It makes perfect sense! And in some ways, I think it still does. The idea of blitzing our faces with chemicals can't be the best thing for our skin. However, I am here to tell you, neither is doing nothing.

This is my experience on the Caveman Regimen, washing with nothing but a splash of lukewarm water.

At first, it was incredible. A week or two in, my skin felt like it was returning to its former glory.

All of a sudden, at about week 2, my face was literally covered in tiny whiteheads. This is apparently a common breakout which I've read happens to a lot of people trying this. So, I waited it out.

At about week 4, my face seemed like it was calming down.

Week 5 came around, and the largest cyst I've ever had developed on my chin. I had put this down to "purging", again, a lot of people will tell you this is normal.

I waited. And waited. This cyst WOULD. NOT. DIE. And others were slowly appearing.

And still, I waited. In fact, up until a week and a half ago, I did absolutely nothing. And guess what?

2 months into the Caveman, my skin is absolutely horrific. As bad as it's ever been.

Now, this is only my personal experience, others might find it works beautifully. And I truly, truly hope it works beautifully for you if you're thinking about trying it. But I'm here to say, don't get caught up in the hype.

Slowly wean yourself off BP if you must. But don't stop cleansing, at least not straight away. Go for gentler products. Maybe only use a cleanser once a day. But DO NOT suddenly give it up. Because it might send you straight back to square one.

In some ways, it has taught me about my acne. I now don't get cystic acne on my forehead and nose (just small pimples which usually go away quickly). My chin is the problem area. So I suppose as an experiment it might be useful. But I wish - I WISH - I'd just weaned myself onto gentler products and saw where that got me.

Now, I'm washing with honey and using ACV as a toner. Can't say after a week and a half it's made much difference. If in a few weeks time, I'm still acne ridden, well I'll go back to Dan's CSR. If I'm on the mend, well, I've found a natural, non drying method of keeping clear.

Sorry for the length of this post, I just wanted to tell you that if you're thinking of giving up on your skincare routine totally... well, you might not want to right away.

I wish you all clear faces. Let me know if I can answer any questions you might have.

Take care

Walking City

(PS My diet has been great throughout this whole process, almost vegan, with no dairy, soy or gluten. So I'm not really that convinced it's the only factor, as a lot of holistic people would have you believe.)

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I think the caveman regimin only works for the first 30ish days and you arent supposed to get your face wet at all. After that you are supposed to wash it every so often with water or oats or manuka honey. If you start breaking out again you are supposed to start the regimin again. at least thats my understanding of it.

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