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Asepxia - Random Miracle For My Skin

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Hello All,

For the past few years I've visited these boards on and off, searching for anything that could alleviate the horrible adult acne that hit me around 19. Making this account and post specifically to say how I got it to GO AWAY FINALLY.

Some background; ike a lot of people here I've dealt with painful, cystic breakouts that last for months on end. I've actually had acne for awhile, I got whiteheads and pimples on my forehead beginning in 3rd grade, which gradually became bigger and meaner as they moved to my cheeks, nose and jaw. It wasn't until going off of Yasmin (I'd been on it since 16) my freshman year of college that the horrible cystic ones began to come in full force. So most likely being sensitive to hormones, I've had kind of a bad time with birth control as a method of treating acne. To give you an idea of how desperate I was, here is a list of everything I've tried over the years:

Antibiotics: Tetracycline (sorry can't recall the dose, just remember it was 2 pills twice a day for..."as long as it takes") Worked well for about 2 weeks, had horrible stomach aches without a lot of food, quickly became ineffective

Clindamycin-topical, vague improvement but quickly became ineffective

Minerals: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6,12, Selenium, Fish Oil/Krill Oil

Two things, the Vitamin B helped a bit with the hormonal acne around my period, but really I'd get 4 cysts instead of 6... The Zinc actually helps quite a lot but I had to take nearly 200mg (I do not recommend this to anyone, like I said, I was desperate) over the course of the day to get one cyst down a cm or so, and it never stopped them from showing up.

Evening Primrose Oil : Ineffective

Coconut Oil : Delicious but ineffective

EmergenC/Airborne: Worked ok for a couple months at getting the cysts reduced in size, but really a band-aid which became ineffective, again lots of Zinc in these.

Niacin: I got the red burning skin 'flush' but no real sign of improvement.

Loads of probiotics. Didn't really help my skin much but felt a lot better while taking them, I still do.

Weirdly enough Saw Palmetto capsules, 1 a day really helped decrease all the little zits that would show up in addition to the cystic nightmares. For the first 3 or 4 weeks my skin, which has been pretty oily my whole life, dried up and flaked a ton and has now settled at a nice place where I don't have to pat off oil 4 times before dinner. Now its once a day if at all.

I won't bother to go over all the OTC methods I tried...It would depress us all. Suffice it to say BP and Salacylic Acid are band-aids compared to this. Everything else has worked crap for me.

So this post is really about the randomness of finding Asepxia and it actually taking down the monster cysts and KEEPING THEM FROM SHOWING UP AGAIN. I'm complaining to a co-worker about 2 months ago about the hormonal cyst factory that was my face, and she tells me to try Asepxia, from Genomma Labs. She goes down to Tijuana a lot, which is how she gets it, but I've also heard it can be found at CVS here in the states. You can't order it from the website, I tried. :( However after not finding it in any my local CVS I found it on Amazon for a whopping $3.50 for a bar of soap. There's also cleansing wipes ($3.29), Topical cream $9, a toner or "Astringent Lotion" as they call it for $5.32...as you can see this stuff is not expensive. So I figured, 'Hell I've blown more on empty internet promises before' and went ahead with it. I didn't really believe something this cheap would actually stop something so awful.

The first few days were like magic. The cystic nodes I had had for months began to shrink. and the painful new ones literally stopped in their tracks and retreated to whatever hellish abyss they crawled out of. It also made every non-cystic zit on my face non-existant. My pores began to look noticeably smaller after 2 weeks, and NO NEW CYSTS have formed at all! I've gone through 2 periods and nothing! Actually, that's not entirely true. At first I did get new cysts, but they weren't on my face. Oddly enough they were in and around my ears, very small and only lasted a few days. It was like the Asepxia pushed them back then obliterated them. So for the past 2 months my daily regimen has been

Morning: Wash face with Asepxia Moisturizing Bar soap, then a once-over with the "Astringent Lotion" toner. After that I put on my make-up as usual, (a bit of foundation. I wear it to hide the scars :< )

Afternoons: Take off make-up with the wipes or bar soap. Another once-over with the toner. Then I'm usually done for the day!

What's great about Asepxia is how soft and beautiful my skin looks and feels afterwards. It has a very healthy glow that lasts for a few hours. One thing I should mention though, about a week into this regimen two patches of skin on each cheek became extremely dry and red, it looked like a rash or eczema. It was worse on one cheek than the other, and in the places where zits had been appearing most recently. It didn't affect the rest of my face at all, which had also had contact with the Asepxia. I've also been using it on my back and neck with no problem. I just made sure to moisturize the patches (I use Cetaphil for sensitive skin) and they got better and better before they finally disappeared last week. So just a head's up if anyone else runs into the same problem and freaks out like i did.

Now the most of my skin worries are the many, many red marks and uneven, pitted scarring that was left after the war. If I find anything effective I'll be back here again. Hope this works for all the people who've tried everything like me!

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It appears that the only ingredient that makes this soap any good is that its got like 10% BP in it. I will never use bp ever again. It's terrible for the skin long term-promotes free radical damage, damages and drys out skin, can lead to skin cancer?

Nope glad you fixed yours but this isnt for everyone.

B6 helps with hormonal acne and PMS but too much can be a bad thing as well as b12.

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Ive been using the asepxia soap for about 1 month and i do think it has worked but, i want to buy the asepxia makeup but, i dont know where to buy it. I searched it online but its $20.99 and i kno its not that expensive it should be less so if you know where i can find it please tell me!!!

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