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Duac: Once Daily - Review

NOTE!: I didn't know how to write up a review on the 'Review' page, so the review will be taken here. Review will contain information from 'my experiance' using Duac. This is my first review, but, enjoy.

For: Mild and Moderate acne sufferers.

Duac, we've heard of it before but what is it like? Does it actually work, or is it just another bull shit product that we waste our money on?(Yep. Directed straight at you Clearasil!). Hopefully in this review, you would take some thought on purchasing Duac. But only if your happy with this review or anyone else's. The review will consists on the benefits and the effects of Duac and will be given a rating of ?/5. So, lets begin!

Where can I purchase Duac?:

Well, I'm British so I'm not to keen on where you could purchase this in other country's. I've heard of WallMart, but frankly, I have no idea what WallMart is. So just go to your local Chemist, they are bound to have it. Britain: We British love our Asda don't we? NHS Chemist sell Duac, along with Asda. But you will need confirmation from your Doctors for the accountant to sell you this product. It's a pain, but it's essential. If you're 19 years or younger, you'll receive a free subscription from the Doctors a long with some other options(Sorry, I can't remember). If not, depending on the size of the 'bottle'? It can cost you upto £12.50 for the 25g and £25.86 for the 50g bottle. Though you're saving yourself £0.14p(Need it with our Prime Minister wasting Tax on Bibles), it's best to buy the 25g bottle. Why? There is a specific date to when the bottle with expire and the 50g is a big bottle, so your going to be wasting a couple of pounds from the left overs you can't you.

What does Duac do. How does it work?

I would love to take credit, but I'm not an ass. Perfectly explained by 'NetDoctor'. Click here for the link. But aside from clearing up your Acne. Duac can help you through the day. I've noticed in the past week when applying Duac to my skin, it reduced my redness seconds later and lasted looking amazing all day. This is one surely fantastic benefit from the product.

What are the side effects and how to prevent them?

There are quite a few side effects. Some caused by the product itself and some caused by the user. Caused by the product: Dry Skin, Tingling and Itching. They can both(Dry skin and Itching~) be annoying, but luckily for me, I've only had either of these effects once through the week. It doesn't happen to everyone, but rarely you will get these effects. Tingling has only happened to me once and that was the first time applying Duac to my skin. There is no prevention for the tingling, but it only lasted a few seconds, so don't worry about it. How to prevent them?​ If the effects keep approaching leave Duac alone for a few days and drink a lot of water. You should drink water anyway as it helps clears and drains your pores, but will soon get rid of this problem. No absolute certainly it will work for everyone, but in most cases, it will. Caused by the user: Skin redness. Redness; dam. This is caused by the user applying this more then once a day! Duac is a strong gel, and applying this gel will damage your skin. Not permanently, but for a few days. And you will look like a Bamboo's ass. I've been there(not the Bamboo...), it's not pretty. How can this be prevented? DON'T USE IT MORE THEN ONCE? Well done. 20 Hour interval before you apply Duac again. Even if you want to reduce the redness of a spot, do not apply it more then once! The title says it all.


No doubt Duac is a trustworthy product that actually helps get rid of your acne. Over the week I've been using Duac, and the results are great. It brings a smile to ever suffers face when you see your skin improving, and Duac is sure to promise that!

A highly recommend product! Pricey? Kind off, but it's worth it! Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks for reading the review. If there any problems regarding to sufferings of the product or a compliment for the review, just leave a reply.


Anonymous guy.



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I got prescribed this gel 1 day ago and i am a bit skeptical as to how it is going to work as i have heard alot of people saying that it is the best decision of there lives buying this gel. Within the short time of me using this my acne has so far improved slightly as it completely takes away redness my doctor that gave it me said that it would not work on the first week but so far i am impressed it is 5% benzoyl peroxide witch is the most effective acne treatment out there better than salycithic acid (i cant spell) i do reccomend this treatment and will update how it has been doing in a couple of weeks grinwink.gifcool.pngcool.pngcool.png

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Thanks for the review. Duac cleared me of my acne and is still my go-to solution for the occasional random hormonal spot. I just want to add that redness is not always caused by using more than once a day - I only used it once a day in sparing amounts and it burnt my face so badly it looked like sunburn. This subsided as my skin got used to the product and left normal coloured and clear skin; I just wanted to warn people that this can happen when you follow the instructions, is totally normal and will go away. Also, please don't forget to use SPF when you're using any form of BP, as it can increase your sensitivity to the sun (as many topical acne products do). I get this for £7 on prescription.

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