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Found A Regime That Helped My Sebaceous Filaments Problem

A few months ago I read about these sebaceous filament things and I was very depressed because I figured that is what I have on my nose and chine and everyone was saying there is no way to get rid of them. I am glad I didn't give up though because with a lot of work I have found a regimen that really really helped. They haven't gone away completely, though I hope they will eventually, but they are much smaller and less noticeable now. Most of them no longer have any oily yucky stuff in them and the pores appear to be getting a lot smaller. So I wanted to come back and share my regimen with those struggling with this same issue. Before I start though I want to say that I DO NOT have sensitive skin WHATSOEVER and if you do then this regimen may be too harsh for you. I could probably put anything on my face with no issues but a lot of people may find this to be too irritating for them. If you feel desperate enough to try and find that its too strong for you, I use the highest strength products so maybe try stepping down the strength of yours and see if that will help you. So, here we go!


1) I run hot water in the sink and soak a washrag in it, then lay it on my face, I usually do this 2 or 3 times to try to open my pores up some.

2) I wash my face with a benzoyl peroxide 10% (the strongest there is) face wash. I use clean and clear cause that was the cheapest at Walmart but I assume any facial cleanser with 10% benzo peroxide would work just as well.

3) I wait until my face drys completely (usually while I brush my teeth, hair, get dressed, etc) then swab my face with alcohol cleansing pads a few times until I see no more oil on them.

4) I use a benzoyl peroxide (10%) cream on my nose, cheeks, and chin

If I can get away with not wearing any foundation I really try to do that but if I have to wear any I just use a tinted moisturizer with an spf 15 in it.


1) Every other day, right after my shower, when my pores have hopefully been steamed open by the hot water, I exfoliate using a really great sugar scrub I found. This isn't any "gentle micro bead" scrub, its a harsh hard sugar scrub and it takes the top layer of skin off something fierce. I love it but it may be too much for some. I am pretty sure any kind of exfoliant will work here, whatever is safe for your skin type but I go all out.

2) after the sugar scrub, or on days that I don't exfoliate, I do this first, I wipe my face off with the alcohol pads until I see no oil on them.

3) I wash with the benzoyle peroxide (10%) wash

4) Every other day (same night as exfoliate), after my face dries completely (I usually do other things for about 5 minutes to give it time to dry) I use my secret weapon and the thing I think makes the HUGEST difference in my pores and on my face. I use a lactic acid (20%) lotion which was a prescription from my dermatologist. It can be extremely harsh and even I notice a little irritation if I use it every night which is why I only use it every other night. I use this stuff on lots of parts of my body (it made the soles of my feet as smooth as a baby's after about a week of applying it every night!) It is a freaking miracle cream and I LOVE it.

So that is my regimen and it has made a HUGE difference in my pores. I wish I had taken close up before and after pics so I could show you guys the change in the last month I have been doing this but I didn't think to before i started. Just take my word for it, my skin looks better than it has my entire life. I have a much more even skin tone, smaller/ less noticeable pores, and a lot less oil and blackheads. I hope this helps someone out there! Good luck!

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Hey there,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that BP is an oxidizing agent. It is great for zit-zapping, but if applied to liberally over time it will advance the aging of the skin.

Approach with caution.

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hi. I'm new here and I really need your help.. i want to purchase The Regimen but the problem is, i don't have a credit card. what should i do? please help me. thanks in advance.

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