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I've been putting this off for a long time.

I've tried maintaining a diary but this is just more convenient.

Okay, so on the 27th of September, I decided to go a month without sugar or dairy.

This is the first time I've ever tried eliminating food.

I'm a butter/cheese lover, and I REALLY enjoy my chocolates, so it started off pretty hard, but surprisingly by the end of week 1, I stopped having cravings.

I've got extremely oily skin with mild acne (there's always a pimple or two, either on my cheek or my chin).

I would be fine with that, except they always leave dark spots.

Anyway, by the end of week 2 of my sugar/diary fast, my skin was all clear, except for a few tiny whiteheads between my eyebrows. They didn't bother me at all.

Very happy with myself, and so relieved/grateful to have finally found the cause of my acne.

Went strong with the fast until the 27th of October. Skin was 95% clear now.

During this month long sugar/dairy fast, the rest of my diet was pretty healthy.

Here's what it looked like;


Start my morning with a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon (through a straw).

Green tea!! I used to start my day with a cup, and end it that way. Kept me clear through college. Don't know why I stopped! Started again on the 6th on Dec.

Quaker oats (with water) with a spoonful of sunflower seeds (or ground flaxseed, as of the 4th of Dec)

Muesli really kept my tummy in top shape! Must start alternating with oats for breakfast.

Plain toast occasionally (I've been buying this 9 grain bread, so delicious on its own).


Brown rice sprinkled with a spoonful of flax seeds, boiled veggies, daal, bhendi (okra) bhaji, chappatis every other day.


Same as lunch, except I eat white rice when the brown rice hasn't been made.


Fruits (oranges, papaya, pomegranate, grapefruit)

Eggs don't break me out. Don't know why I cut them out but started again on the 5th of Dec. Can eat a few times a week.

I also took supplements;

Becosules B-complex with Zinc, Himalaya Neem Purifying Capsules.

Cleansing regime;

Morning/night wash with Himalaya Neem Face Wash, moisturize with Clinique DDMG, Vicco Turmeric Cream for spot treatment.

Aspirin Toner occasionally.

Sweet Almond Oil under my eyes (started working overnight for me).

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer spf 50 during the day.

As of the 6th of December, Neosporin on hard/stubborn pimples. Really speed up their healing.

Egg white masks! Weekly. Result!

Great to follow up with a yolk mask, but those are bloody difficult to wash off.

During this month, I went cycling every evening. Cycling has always helped with my skin.

I just started working again though and haven't had the time.

I went to church at least once a week to thank God, pray and to light a candle. This always lifted my spirits.

*note to self* This is the diet/regime I'm back on, as of the 29th of November, 2011.

If I'm not posting daily, it means I'm following my regime. Will only post if I've done something differently.

27th October - 2nd November; 6 days of unhealthiness.

The 27th came, and I was so thrilled with how healthy and clear I'd gotten, I decided to see how my body would react to eating sugar in moderation. I started with a tiny cupcake. It was DELISH. No breakout the next day.

Day two, I ate a piece of Ferrero Rocher, and two slices of cake (I was at a birthday party and just couldn't resist =/. I was guilty and paranoid all night).

Woke up the next morning with no breakout. So thrilled.

The following night, I went out drinking. I hadn't had alcohol in months. I experimented with Vodka after a lot of reading up on how it's the least carcinogenic. I had mine with water, but by the end of the night a had a few sips of my friends vodka coke.

I only smoke when I've had a little to drink, and had a few puffs through the night.

Fab night, no breakout the following morning. Again, ecstatic that I'd found a drink that didn't break me out.

I got high twice during my 6 days of unhealthiness. Woke up with no breakout the first time, pigged out the second time (chocolates, chips, a bag full of honey almonds. tsk tsk). Still woke up with no breakout. Confused, VERY upset with myself, but glad I didn't breakout.

Decided not to push it (although I already did, big time), and cut sugar/dairy out again.

2 days passed, and pimples started popping up. One on my cheek, one on my chin, and on my neck, and a big one on my forehead.

Lots of tiny bumps on my forehead.

It's the 9th now, and my skin's still freaked out. Extremely oily and not as even as it was at the end of my 1 month fast, four bumps on my cheek (2 of which just popped up last night).

I'm very upset with myself for what I did to my system over those 6 days. So terrible of me. I just got carried away! =/ Bad Rabanne!

It's been a week since my pig-out, and I've been eating healthy again, so I'm hoping that by week two I'll see results again.

I haven't been cycling though, and my new job is kinda stressful.

I know it worked for me the first time, so it's probably just another month till I'm clear again, but I'm still stuck on how idiotic it was of me to pig-out to that extent. =/

Starting tonight, I'm using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel (Benzac AC) on my spots.

I'm going to update this page with my diet progress whenever I can.

A month of no sugar is what I'm going for. After that, sweet things in extreme moderation (maybe a tiny slice of cake on birthdays/special events).

Wish me luck and help me stay strong!

One month of no sugar/dairy STARTS TODAY.

Current supplements: Becosules B-complex (once a day), Neem tabs (twice a day), 50 mg zinc (once a day), Bifilac pre/probiotic (thrice a day)

Face wash: Himalaya neem.

Moisturizer: Clinique DDMG.

Other: Sweet Almond Oil around eyes and on my lashes.

Spot treatment: Vicco Turmeric, Neosporin on stubborn/open spots.

To anyone reading; I'm sorry my log is so all over the place!

*notes for self*

My skin was already clear before any of these, but could work as a preventive measure, I think.

Went to Goa for a short trip, ate a whole lot of rubbish. I was, however, going into the ocean every day. Apart from not breaking out at all, my skin looked and felt great.

Salt water does wonders for my skin.

Applying lemon juice on my face at night (after washing) and rinsing after 10 minutes also works wonderfully for my skin. Super smooth skin and I'm certain it helps with dark spots.

Edited by okaythen

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The trick is to get 100% clear, and know how to get 100% clear. You can then have the odd foodstuff knowing you'll get a spot or two, but can deal with it. The cycling would have helped immensely, especially by moving your lymph. It's a big step towards clear skin when you cut sugar. Come this January I'll be two years *almost sugar free.

*Had a couple of slips here and there.

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My case is very similar to yours, just that my gym supplement broke me out like crazy, i cut it off and started paleo diet too. Suddenly, 1 month ago i got acne again. I have to admit, i've been drinking but never ate refined sugars or fatty foods, except sometimes, like one time per weekend. Good luck!!! I'll be following this log :)

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Looks like I'm postponing my sugar/dairy fast.

I got two of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and ate ice-cream throughout the day.

I don't feel too guilty.. My dentist told me it HAD to be done. shifty.gif

eusa_pray.gif I hope the antibiotics I'm taking will prevent the ice-cream from breaking me out. It's been a long time since I've had any dairy though, and my tummy is not pleased..

The BP does not agree with me. Glad I'm finally logging this, because I'm pretty sure I've used BP in the past with the same results.

Kicking myself for making the same mistake over. Both the pimples on my cheek were white and looked pretty ripe, and probably would have been gone in a couple more days, had I stuck to the Vicco Turmeric.

The BP did nothing but make my pimples REALLY hard. I did a search on google and found a few other people with the same issue.

**note to self: NEVER USE BP AGAIN**

Any idea how to get rid of these? A facial steam maybe?

The trick is to get 100% clear, and know how to get 100% clear. You can then have the odd foodstuff knowing you'll get a spot or two, but can deal with it. The cycling would have helped immensely, especially by moving your lymph. It's a big step towards clear skin when you cut sugar. Come this January I'll be two years *almost sugar free.

*Had a couple of slips here and there.

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Happy with my Neem face wash, but with all the ice-cream (and a whole lot of Vinegar Lays) I've consumed these past two days/no exercise, I felt like I needed to start using my 2% SA face wash (Saslic DS by Cipla) to be on the safe side. It has helped me in the past and I always have an emergency bottle in my bathroom.

One of the two pimples that were hardened by the BP uprooted in the shower. It's like a tiny little open wound, with the area around it a little raised.

Still haven't found what works on popped pimples, to prevent them from leaving dark spots.

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Eating right again!

Day 1

Today has been pretty darned great!

No sugar or dairy!

I can't eat warm food until my stitches heal completely.

My medication really knocks me out. Woke up in time for lunch.

Lunch: cold rice and chicken soup. Mmm.

Evening snack: a fruit salad consisting of watermelon, papaya and grapefruit. ^_^

Dinner: cold rice and chicken soup again, with a side a cauliflower.

Snacked on a cucumber after dinner.

Got really hungry at 2 AM and ate three chappattis.

Started taking my neem and purim tabs again. =]

I waited atleast half an hour before drinking water before/after my meals.

I'm letting my body do what it has to on its own.

Still using the 2% SA wash.

Just yesterday I'd decided to never use it again. Both the pimples it had hardened came off on their own in the shower today though.

I guess that's a good thing. Using it on a spot that I have on my forehead now.

Applied Neosporin ointment (cream version not available in Bombay) on the open spots.

I went cycling today!

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8 days since my last update.

I've been very ill, and have barely been able to eat or drink anything (the meds from the extraction did not agree with my system; 6 very painful throat ulcers).

Lots of sleep and medication.

What I did eat though, I made sure was healthy. No new breakouts. =]

Back to being able to eat/drink without too much discomfort.

Started my day with fresh veggie juice!

2 large carrots

1 beetroot

1 cucumber

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I've been having my veggie juice everyday so far.

Added a tablespoon of EVOO to tonights batch.

I have to admit, I haven't been following my no sugar or dairy diet too closely. I've been giving in to cravings, but not going crazy with it (just a cube out of a slab of dark chocolate after dinner, and I only 4 chips when I can't hold back). I even had a cup of apple pie flavoured frozen yogurt. Ohmygosh, it was SO good. No new breakouts, but I must do a month without any junk.

Not drinking enough water and skipping meals because of work. Haven't cycled in a while.

Started taking my himalaya pills.

Also added celery sticks and romaine to my juice.

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Started my day with a cup of warn water with half lemon squeezed in it.

Idlis for breakfast.

Lunch: oats with sunflower seeds, toast with evoo.

Cycled after work today! For a whole hour.

Veggie juice post cycling. This time I added a tomato.

Brown rice with chicken wanton soup for dinner.

My mum brought me baklava on her trip to Israel. Its been in the fridge, untouched, for a week. I had a piece after dinner tonight. It was amazing. I feel slightly guilty..

Drank 2.5 litres of water.

Snacked on these delicious bran crisps at work. Might have over done it as my tummy feels a bit funny.

B complex with zinc and neem tab.

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Morning: lemon juice with warm water

Breakfast: idlis

Lunch: fenugreek rotis

Late evening: watermelon and papaya

Veggie juice

Multigrain bread with EVOO

Dinner: brown rice with chicken wanton soup

Vinegar chips (only about 5) and a tiny piece of chocolate for dessert. I'm a bad boy. It was so easy going off sweet things the first time around! I'm just being so healthy with the rest of it though, I guess this is a good balance. No new spots.

2 litres of water through the day.

An hour of cycling after work.

I feel fab.

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26th Nov

Lemon juice with warm water on waking.

Toasted bread with evoo.

Breakfast: idlis.

Very late lunch: oats and some more toast with evoo. I can't get enough!

Cycled for an hour.

Didn't have the energy to make my veggie juice.

Dinner: brown rice with daal and okra and tomato bhaji.

One piece of baklava for desert. I savoured every bite. Mmmmmmmm.

Ate a galaxy chocolate flute while watching SATC. >=) I knooww. It was such a good night though!

Neem tabs and b complex with zinc.

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Warm lemon water

Galaxy chocolate flue

Oats with sunflower seeds

Toast with evoo

Puri's and potato bhaji (made with evoo)

More warm lemon water

Veggie juice

Cycled for an hour

Brown rice, daal and potato bhaji

Chicken shawarma


Warm lemon water

Oats with sunflower seeds

Toast with evoo

Brown rice with bhendi bhaji

Ridiculous sugar craving! Decdided to go buy honey.

Toast with honey. Really hit the spot. I wanted more about half an hour later though! I controlled myself.

Warm lemon water

Cycled for only 10 mins, felt like I was going to faint

A red apple

Dinner same as lunch plus chicken breast

A bar of kitkat in bed with satc

I didn't eat chocolate this often even when I didnt care about acne!

No new spots *touch wood* but I know this isn't good for my health.

absolutely NO sweets or chocolates for a week starting tomorrow

I CAN DO this!

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No sweets today! =]

3 new whiteheads from all the chocolate I ate last week.. I can deal with those..

And a tiny hard spot on my right temple.. And one on my jawline.

Note to self: Eating chocolates excessively/on the daily DOES break me out. A tiny treat once or twice a week does not. Once I start eating desert again though, it's very hard for me to stop. Keep that in mind.

Go strong with this one week off, and then take it from there.


Warm lemon water

Lunch: Parathas with chicken, white rice with bhendi

Snack: Idlis

Veggie juice

An hour of cycling

Chicken and turkey sub for dinner

No desert! Mmhmm.

Mad at myself for all the sweet stuff I had last week. I always go down that road when I'm clear.

I put a neem mask on before showering tonight, and used the vicco all over instead of my ddmg.


Edited by rabanne

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Chicken curry and Parathas for lunch.

chicken curry and 9 grain bread for dinner.

Toast and honey.

No juice, no cycling.

Used medimix today.

Very frustrated.

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Been following my regime/diet since my last post. :)

Also started using an aspirin toner, with great results as usual.

No new spots, and old ones healing.

Looking into adding probiotics..

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Been a week, going strong with my no dairy/sugar diet, and results are showing. =)

Old spots healing!

I ran out of flaxseeds today, and went out and bought cold pressed ground flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds have been immensely helpful to my skin. SO excited to start using my purchase!

I even bought a 5 day strip of pre/probiotics. Took my first dose with dinner.

Happy inside = happy outside!

Bought some spinach for my veggie juice, and broccoli, to snack on.

Ate a green aple, a pear and some grapefruit today as well.

I'm on the right track!


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Made myself scrambled eggs as an evening snack. I was feeling extremely drained and needed the protein.

Eggs never break me out, I'd just stopped eating them because of the high colesteral.

Ate a sweet potatoe. Trying to gain weight..

Pears are absolutely delish!

Neosporin on the two hard, healing spots cause they're taking a long darned time to actually heal.

They've gone down in size since my first application last night.

Reducing my olive oil intake as my skin has been ridiculously oily.

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Ate some broccoli with lunch and dinner today!

And a portion of chickpeas also. Really tasty..

Skipped the veggie juice..

Had green tea.

The probiotics are doing my tummy good!

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Started my day with a cup of green tea.

Basmati Brown rice, daal and broccoli for lunch.

Lots of grapefruit throughout the day.

Oatmeal and ground flaxseed and an omelette for a rather large evening snack.

basmati Brown rice with olive oil and broccoli for dinner.

Polysporin's really doing it for me! Both my old spots are going down in size nicely.

Egg white mask while I'm typing this.

Will use the yolk after!

Once again, I'm so happy I'm logging!

I've used the egg white mask before, when I was clear and needed help with my skin tone/dark spots. It worked amazingly!

Just washed up and my skin feels (and looks) silky smooth!

Waiting for the egg yolk to dry now.

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Woke up in time for lunch today. =")

A cup of green tea with half a lime squeezed in. (through a straw, of course)

Lunch: brown rice with olive oil, boiled broccoli and potatoes.

Some grapefruit.

Evening snack: a bowl of oats with ground flaxseeds.

And then I cheated. Just a tiny bit.

A friend sent a Christmas party invite, along with chocolate cake.

Knowing that I'd just had a bowl full of fiber and omega 3, I gave in and literally had half a spoonful (flattened).

A wee bit guilty, but oh so happy!

Another cup of green tea and half a melon.

Going cycling shortly..

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So, I just got back from cycling to my dads..

Ate a sweet potatoe, some almonds and pistachios.

I was in a great mood until he got home. Such a downer..

First thing he did when he saw me was comment on my weight.

I'm the first to notice when I've lost weight, it's my darned body.

Then he cracked open a beer and told me not to punish my body!

So nutty! And there's always comments on my skin. Everytime.

Annnyyyway. Back home now and glad to be.

Just ate a mutton quiche. =[

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I have lost a bit of weight since I've been eating healthier, which is a bummer as I'm underweight to begin with.

Looked up a bunch of options on here and will incorporate them as soon as possible.

I'm 6 ft tall and have gone down from 53 kgs to 49 kgs.

I'm freaking out. Trying to hold it together!

I cut out peanut butter for good measure, although I'm not too certain it was ever breaking me out. Should start again.

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Woke up with 3 little whiteheads.

Could be from the quiche, the reintroduction of eggs, the egg mask, or me stressing out about my weight.

Luckily, whiteheads don't bother me too much. :)

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