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My Video On How To Recover From A Damaging Accutane Treatment.

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Hey everyone my name is Connor. I took Accutane for 5 months, 80 mg a day when I was 17 years old. I am now 19 and in the past few months have taken my recovery seriously and have made some great progress. I am feeling better now. I would like to share some experiences and what is working for.

The main points I a want to get across are:

  • You can recover. It is entirely possible. Depending on the how hard you work will determine how fast you improve.
  • A strong diet is much more important than many vitamins and supplements.
  • You must exercise. You must sweat. You must get your body super heated and blood flowing throughout. Your pores will open and toxins will release through the sweat.
  • I advise walking and running everywhere in minimalist shoes, or barefoot. As Accutane damages joints. It is very important at first to get walking down to perfect form. This can't be done while wearing regular shoes. Eventually, your feet and legs will get strong and getting around will be great. This will help motivate you even more as exercising will become fun if you aren't constantly in pain because your knees and ankles are in pain from wearing regular shoes.
  • Heat is very important. You should be warm all the time. And when you workout you should focus on getting very hot. The hotter you are, the easier pores open. I suggest when eating and drinking, have your food hot, and have you drink hot. This makes it much easier for your organs to digest and massages them in a way.
  • Time is against you. When you workout. Do not waste time. Now if you are a beginner and learning the process, that is fine. But once you figure it out, JUST DO IT.
  • Please cry. You have felt pain. Release your emotions. And more importantly this will cleanse your dry eyes.
  • See your Accutane treatment as a positive experience. Yes, it all can be very depressing at first. But once you start figuring things out about your body and truly recovering. You will be happy, because of all the knowledge you have gained from the experience.

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For men who have experienced Erectile Dysfunction from Accutane.

Your libido will come back over time and the strength of your erection as well if you are eating healthy foods and exercising hard. When you exercise hard you are pumping blood throughout the body and this helps maintain erections when they occur. I also suggest no masturbating. When you don't masturbate, you build up testosterone. Testosterone will make you angry and full of energy, this helps greatly with everything you do, especially exercise. So you are exercising harder and becoming healthier faster. Don't waste all that good testosterone. You will feel horny again if you are healthy.

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im on accutane and on same dose u took 80 mg...

im suprised your body was cold... mine feels a bit warmer espicially my face and that seems to be the norm for most accutane users on this site. i never heard of someone feeling cold. yellow skin? wtf... i mean im pale right now because i couldnt tan at all this summer but im not yellow...

your liver hurt? you probs should have stopped taking it once u could feel your liver hurt or whatever. i dont know what a hurt liver feels like so im assuming mine is fine.. plus i have no abdomen pain and my joint pain isnt all that bad...

i think the droopy eye lid or whatever it was you said has nothing to do with accutane i dont know how accutane could do that and i think at that point you were just pickin out things and relating it to tane... correlation does not alwys equal causation

i do agree with the diet/exercise thing... diet is even more important but its good you addressed those points. and the patchy beard thing lol your like 19 or 20 or whatever it is you said lots off guys dont have full luscious beards by that time.. give it some time dude.

and ps my dick is harder than ever since ive been on it im lucky i guess and my hair is perfectly fine...

only issue ive had is some flushing/redness but i think it will go away when im done

good video tho man it will help lots of ppl... my only worry is your gona scare some ppl from taking it who need it because of reasons thats may not even be due to accutane

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First of all man, thumbs up for making a video about this.

I thought I was the only one ahah.

I was prescribed 6 months and stopped at 5 too, though due to extreme depression/suicidal thoughts.

10PM is a good time to sleep, as the healing process takes place between 10 and 2(AM).

You don't look unhealthy in this video, but I know that won't be the case.

I look fine in my videos and you can't see my dry eyes/thin (at the sides) hair.

I know what you mean about a patchy beard. Mine grows is thick, but with bits missing. Bit annoying!

7:04 scared me! lol

There's a book on walking without shoes/connecting with the earth, called 'Earthing'. It's got a lot of high reviews. Worth reading.

Barefoot isn't ideal for where I live, because it's wet most of the time.

Maybe I'll get some sandalls, though it's super cold during the winter (In England).

One thing I see as a problem for me, is actually excessive sweating (during exercise/when I get embarassed/hot) but I have heard sweat releases toxins.

Not sure about the ED thing. I have it, but I have like no sex-drive, and it doesn't seem to be helping anything ... y'know not 'doing' anything (at least not often). I'm considering a mineral/vitamin test just to check out if I need to take anything or not. There are enough people saying that you 'need' vitamin D, or whatever, but I'm going to get a hair strand test to find out if that's the case. It also covers allergies so I will find out if I need to avoid anything, but my diet is very good (healthy) at the moment.

I'm also not sure 'getting pissed off' will help anything. I get pissed off a lot about what's happened. Maybe motivating you to exercise, but there is a mind-body connection and I believe you need to have happy/peaceful emotions as much as possible.

I know what you mean about the yellow skin. I wouldn't saw I'm yellow, but maybe have a tinge of jaundice. This is most likely because of raised bilirubin (bile in the bloodstream, caused by liver problems - though Doc's say it's nothing to treat).

I know Joe (above comment) is not being a dick or anything, but your problems are obviously accutane related, and you know that. Not sure about the droopy eyelid (though I couldn't notice it) but it's possible. If it wasn't like that before, then it's likely.

Well done making a video anyway.

I'll try to get some more exercise in.

I hate England for weather though. I'd love to live in Texas or something.

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Thank you for your comment heyjoe.

Indigo. Here is my general impression from your post. You are not exercising enough. It is in my opinion, it is the most important part in recovery. You say have a problem with excessive sweating. I do not see this as a problem, and am actually quite envious if you can sweat easily after Accutane. You already have an advantage. Sweating does release toxins from the body.

When you have a good workout. Like a long distance run (long distance being a few miles or kilometers). You are getting the body hot because blood is being pumped throughout it. The skin gets hot, sweats, and is releasing all the nasty shit stored up in your body. If you do this routinely over many months, your body become good at pumping blood, breathing, sweating. And as a result, everything in your body inside and out works and feels better. Hard exercise makes the body strong and healthy. Now you can worry about all the different vitamins to buy if you want, but remember they are only supplements. You will never get the results you want from just taking a specific vitamins each day. If you want to become healthy at a fast rate, hard exercise is the answer.

I suggest running because is an extremely good workout to get healthy. But not just running in a regular shoes, because these will give you joint pain. Barefoot or minimalist is really the way to go for walking and running. I also live an extremely cold area (Colorado) and it is very dry as well. But I do not let it stop me. Just man up and fight the cold. If you running fast, you won't feel cold anyway.

And yes 7:04 was a bit scary haha. I just wanted to show that anger helps blood flow. I use it to push myself during workouts, but am generally not angry any other time. And again for ED, I don't suggest masturbating. Not masturbating will build up testosterone which makes exercising easier, sleep easier, sweating easier, growing hair easier. It is like pure adrenaline and energy. You want it in you. I think it should only be released during actual sex, at you are getting a nice work out then, haha.

So let me know what you think.

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Very well-made points that I agree with for the majority. Thank you for working on the video and your posts; they'll help a ton of people in recovering themselves to optimal form.

That said, I have a couple of things to add:

1. Ditch the grains. Focus your way of eating around meats and vegetables.

2. Embrace fat over carbs. Coconut oil, lard and virgin olive oil are just 3 examples of ways to add extremely healthy fats to your food. Fat satiates and has a vast amount of benefits for your entire body. Any carbohydrates you consume should be from fruit and vegetables only!

3. For supplements; I agree about your stance on prioritising food, although there are 3 notable exceptions:

- Vitamin D (Most of us lack this due to insufficient sun exposure. 5000-10000iu per day is optimal)

- Magnesium (This is one of the few minerals which are deficient in our food today due to aggressive agricultural methods)

- Omega 3 fish oil (Most of our livestock are fed on grains as opposed to grass which increases the amount of Omega 6 fats within their meat. Omega 3 fish oil helps to rebalance this and provides it's own benefits).

4. Do not push yourself so hard when it comes to exercise. If you're feeling run-down and burned out, you have to focus your efforts on getting plenty of rest and eating the right food. Walking is excellent as it provides the same cardiovascular benefits of jogging without the risk of damaging your joints or raising your cortisol too high from prolonged stress (there's a reason why marathon runners are generally skinny, as opposed to sprinters who tend to have muscular physiques). Very short sessions (<4-10 minutes max per week) of sprinting are brilliant when you feel up to it. If you feel well enough to do some lifting or bodyweight exercises, remember this key principle: keep your sessions as short as possible and emphasise the intensity of your lifts. If you're doing it right, you'll need no more than 3 days a week of heavy lifting. Simply aiming for more repetitions or filling out the days of your diary aren't beneficial in the long run for your health nor fitness.

I'm pleasantly surprised that you bought up barefoot walking, actually -- not many people realise how shoes can have such an impact on our feet. VFFs are excellent for footwear, but I'm not ready to make the leap just yet. Definitely worth considering, though!

All in all, you're bang on the money. Keep us posted! biggrin.png

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Yeah, for me I'm far too tired most of the time to do anything over-the-top.

I love my walks, but the rain kills any pleasure for me, and I'll just be forcing myself to go when its horrible outside.

I think it is important to exercise, as it'll help towards a healthy body/physique, but I can't see how it's going to fix some of the accutane side effects, like dry eyes.

I do think that most people have suffered from adrenal fatigue/thyroid problems after taking this drug, and need to look into what's been messed up.

I'm reading a book called Ultramind at the moment, and it puts focus on the importance of getting all the vitamins and essential minerals, as your body and mind can't operate properly without them. Thyroid disorders match so many of my symptoms, that it makes sense to me that it's a good place to start. I had a blood test and it didn't show I had any problems, but ...


That book seems to be going down well, and I know better than to trust doctor's with their 'knowledge'. They don't know everything.

Why it makes sense though, is accutane's mechanism. Still several theories on that and most claim 'the mechanism is not known', but it targets the sebaceous glands and closes them off to stop acne being produced. It's not simple though, is it? I think it affects all the glands. Thyroid/adrenal/sexual glands.

I'm not an expert, but I think it's going to take more than exercise and getting angry to fix this.

And, shit, I'm on here too much these days. I'm a fuckin' 'veteran' now!

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The Spy, your post makes some good points. If your body feels really tired, then rest. No point in exercising then. Vitamin D. Yes. There is no better Vitamin D than from the sun's rays, but you are right. When it is can't get it from the sun, your body still needs it. It is a very good vitamin to have. Fish oil and magnesium as well. I kind of disagree with your exercise advice though. You say very intense, short sessions. But by doing this you are giving you body very little time to sweat. Say you run for an hour, sweating the entire time. In my opinion it is going to help your skins and organs a lot more than sprints for 5 minutes. Sprinting at first for a user just off of Accutane would likely just make them light headed and want to throw up. It seems to me it would be more logical, at first, to work your way up in intensity of your workouts over time. Starting slow and letting your body gain some basic strength. Then once you are used to low intensity, move to medium intensity, then high. All over however much time that person needs to reach high intensity, probably a few months.

Okay Indigo. You keep going back to vitamin and minerals. I agree with you completely the body does need these to function at its best. But they are just not root of the problem. The body after Accutane is dry. Dehydrated. It needs to be cleansed. Exercising, making your body hot, sweating, is how you cleanse it. When you say how does it fix things like dry eyes? When you are heart rate is elevated, blood is being pumped through your body and you sweat. Everything in the body becomes hot and moist. I mean everything. Skin, organs, mouth, eyes, scalp, fingers. This is the exact opposite of the extreme drying effects of Accutane. If you are making your body hot like this everyday, your body adapts, and will eventually be warm and moist all the time. No more dry eyes, dry hair, dry finger nails, dry anything. Excuses for why you can't exercise are not going to help you. You just have to do it man.

Now I am not claiming to be an expert either, but I like to think of myself as a very smart person. And I have the experience. I would definitely call my Accutane experience one with extreme side effects. And I have figured out how to fight them and become better again. I wish I had pictures of me right after my Accutane treatment. As the difference between how I looked then and now is huge. Although my skin does not look perfect at this moment, it is waaay better. I am actually getting acne again on parts of my body. I never thought I would be happy to see acne. But I am, as it shows my skin is getting oily again.

So again. I highly suggest you at least try exercising regularly for a months and pushing yourself to new limits. You will see and feel what I am trying to explain in my posts.

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Okay man.

I totally believe you, and you know that you've been improving so that's cool.

I still see it as a piece in the jigsaw, rather than the entire thing, but I'll get some extra exercise.

I was going to a gym for several months at the start of the year, but felt tired and found it extremely boring. I love going for a walk/jog, just not on the spot on a machine.

If it's all about sweating, why not use a sauna regularly?

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Great man, and I do find the gym boring as well. It is much more fun to go outside and run around and climb stuff and jump and just have fun exercising like a monkey :) I do go to the sauna almost everyday. The sauna is great to help you sweat but it doesn't work your muscles. I think it is helpful to go in a sauna at the end of the day to relax after exercising during the day. It feels amazing. If you do go bring lots of water in the sauna and drink and sweat.

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Hey Connor

I took the drug for 12 months no real problems, acne however to started come back about three month later, took the drug again for a few monts...then my libido just crashed, also experiance itchy skin/skin rash and depression but they have since subsided.

I now have close to zero libido, bad ED and i think my johnson is less sensitive as well.

You say you have recovered some what? Is this including your libido and ED? I have been of the drug for over month and shown no real improvments. How long did it take you to recover and do you have any specific tips for recovering libido?

It also concerns me that the number of post accutane user suffering loss of libido is quite high, you're really the only person i can find out there who seems to have recovered their libido. Have you heard of anyone else recovering theirs?

Thanks for any tips/help you can give and i hope you're still recovering after this damn poison!!

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