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Hi everyone!

I'm new here. I just started to get acne about 8 months ago. My pimples/nodules leave me with such bad hyperpigmentation that it makes my skin look really bad. I have tried just about every over the counter product you can think of, antibiotics, retin-a, even the water only routine with no luck!

But, even more troubling I started to develop a lot of syringoma in the past few months (they are over active sebaceous glands that keep growing/multiplying) under my eyes and on my upper cheeks. I have already tried to have them burned off with a hyfrecator (and mine grow so fast that they literally came back in 3 days). I have hundreds of them and my dermatologist said that electrocautery and laser will yield very poor results because mine grow/multiply at such a fast rate, and the laser can not penetrate deep enough to kill the syringoma (well with out scarring the sensitive skin under the eyes). It's really frustrating to have both acne and syringoma.

Does anyone on this board suffer with syringoma as well? I have no idea why mine just started to show up 3 months ago and why they grow so fast. It's a waste of money to have them burned off when they grow back in a few days and I am left with hyperpigmentation that lasts for 2 months+. Not to mention I can't even burn all of them because they are so clustered together.

I have been doing research online and I have read that accutane may help syringomas (I'm not sure how). I also have acne so it would be great if I find something that will help both of my problems. Has anyone that has been on accutane noticed it helped their syringoma as well or know anything about it? Thank you for your help/advice!

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I had syringoma since like 10 years ago and I have taken few courses of Accutane throughout these years of having syringoma and acne (but I had it before taking accutane). Whilst it cleared my acne at some point during every course, I don't see any changes with syringoma.

I also went for electrocautery to burn them just last week... and wow during its recovery like on the 4th-5th day I already noticed it growing almost back, but shallower. I am really frustrated with them but I guess there's only so much I can do and I don't want to channel all of my energy into just this syringoma, it's just not healthy and making me miserable. So I guess I'd rather focus on my acne and acne scars for now sigh...

I feel for you and you're not alone in this. Well I just hope our syringomas won't get any worse than it is now. BTW could I ask what laser did you do for your syringoma and how effective was it compared to electrocautery? (assuming you did them in separate sessions and not both at one time)

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