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Hello, i have just joined this web site today and im reading because im really fed up with the acne and foliculitis i have had for some time now, over 18months now coming upto 2 years. Im 29 and im 1 month into a 4 month course of roaccutane, im just praying that it helps as i have some large bald patches on my scalp which if anything seem to be getting wider = more hair loss and more new bumps and patches. The dermatologist said that he doubts very much that my hair will grow back because its now scarr tissue. I dont suit a bald head and i feel ugly a lot of the time because of this nasy virus. My dermatologist believes that i have a follicular occlusive disease such as acne conglobata/hidradenitis suppurativa. Also ive stated becoming very low in myself and down, im sure it is the roaccutane after reading so much on here, damn life can seem unfair sometimes

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Hi, I had foliculitis for 4 years and I tried everything. For last I tried aloe vera gel and it's working. I put the gel in the morning before breakfast for 15 minutes, then I shower. i was buying the plant but now I just buy the gel at the pharmacy. I use the transparent gel.

I've been doing it for almost a year and its gone! I hope this helps!

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