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dermaroll newbie

How to Dermaroll properly ??HELP??

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Hello all. Ive been doing research on what needs to be done in order to have successful results from dermarolling. Based on what ive read, Ive put together a detailed outline from what im assuming is the correct way to dermaroll. For all the seasoned dermarollers, please give me your suggestions as to how i can improve my dermarolling process and daily regime. Any help would be greatly appreciated. take care


Use Vitamin C Topical 2-3 wks prior to beginning dermarolling process


1.) Apply numbing cream (EMLA brand / lidocaine) to the face. Place saran wrap/plastic wrap over the cream. Allow 1 hour for absorption.

2.) Wash numbing cream off using mild soap ( I use Dr. Bronners Tea Tree soap)

3.)Clean areas of face to be rolled with ethyl alcohol. Apply with cotton balls.


Apply the roller at a 45 degree angle. Roll back and forth without picking up roller. Rolling it 4 x vertically, 4 x diagonally (both directions) and 4 x horizontally. (use 1.5 mm roller, 3-4 needle rolls)


1.) Face will leak serous fluid and blood. Clean it away with gauze.

2.) Clean face with saline solution. Apply with cotton balls.

3.) Wash face with Tea Tree soap.

4.) ???? I don’t know whether to apply vitamin A (Green Cream / Retin-A) or vitamin C (Environ C Boost/generic Vitamin C moisturizer) immediately after dermarolling???? Or should I apply one after the other?

5.) A few hours after dermarolling. Take a shower and gently massage the face to remove excess serum, blood, and oil.


1.) Wash face and apply Terproline cream.

2.) 6 hours or so wash face and apply Terproline cream again

3.) Light therapy before sleeping 415 nm BLUE (to fight acne), 580 nm YELLOW (build collagen), 630 nm RED & 880 nm NEAR-INFRARED (to repair skin cells). 15 minutes separately per light

4.) Apply Retin A micro before sleeping. (will use dermaroller .25 -.5 to increase absorption)


1) Should i be use vitamin C throughout the recovery stage? How often should I apply it.

2) Is there any negative affects to rolling with a .25-.5 mm roller everynight to increase absorption of Retin A daily? Do i roll it in the same manner as i did during the dermarolling procedure?

3)Should I be applying vitamin A or Vitamin C immediately after rolling?

4) How soon after dermarolling before i can use LED light therapy?

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1) if the vitamin C isn't breaking you out then sure, use it at a different time of day to the terproline.

2) i don't recommend rolling with anything else inbetween rolls with the 1.5mm roller. You risk disturbing collagen placement. Terproline contains liposomes, which essentially mean they pass through the skin with EASE, theres no need for the smaller rollers.

I don't apply anything straight after rolling, but an hour or two later i apply either vasaline or bactroban ointment.

4) straight away. Depending on which units you have, you should only use the yellow array for about 5 minutes while slowly moving it over your entire face (in contact with the skin if possible (obviously not just after rolling, as your skin will be sore)). You only need a small dose of the yellow leds, using it to much can be counter productive.

15 minutes for the red and infra red every day is ok, just keep moving it over your entire face for this whole time or treat each area for about 4-5 mins each. Again in contact with this skin if possible.

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If you are using longer needles u should definitely use numbing cream like EMLA or ANESDERM. The pain is definitely not worth it. If someone needs one, just let me know. I have couple of brand new numbing creams and can sell them if there is a need:)

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I am having professional dermaroller treatments. Here's what my esthetician told me...

Vit C is great but not post roll. It's considered an 'active' (like Vit A) and could burn your skin. Instead use it in the morning before you put on your sunscreen.

Post-roll, use hyaluronic acid. It's very nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

I use the .2 home roller between treatments. Up to 3x per week is plenty. It's not going to induce collagen but it will help the epidermal cells turnover and reduce keratinization (which makes your skin look dull).

Hope this is helpful.

Ha! Just realized this was from 2009! Oh well, maybe it will help someone else!

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HELP! I used the 1.5 mm dermaroller on saturday morning. I didn't apply any topicals after because I was afraid I'd breakout. I've just kept it clean and moisturized. Today is Monday morning and my skin feels rough and bumpy. Is that normal even after 2 days? There is definitely a textural change between the treated areas and untreated areas. I'm already sensitive about my skin texture and I'm worried I've made it worse. Is this temporary? Is it microswelling? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Thank you! By gross do you mean bumpy texture or just zits? I haven't broken out but my skin is rough and bumpy.

Mostly zits. Be careful with that 1.5mm home roller. Some, not all, are poorly designed. The needles need to be a certain shape & width to be safe and effective. I'm sure your skin will be fine. Just be gentle with it for the next few days. No actives. Edited by DJM204
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hey guys,

I know this post is kinda old but I'm wondering do i really need all the serums and etc?

Can i just use the 0.5 derma roller and use a safe/ regular face moisturizer. I will disinfect and everything but I'm curious

if i need all those other products?


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