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Hydroquinone & Red/Blue Light Therapy

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Long-time reader, first time poster...

As the topic states, I have just begun red/blue light therapy and wish to use hydroquinone to remove stubborn acne scars. My belief is that the UV rays of typical sunlight and tanning lamps is what causes hyperpigmentation in places hydroquinone has been used on the face, but I wanted it to bounce the question off the boards before I started.

Thanks all for your help!

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yeah i would not use hydroquinone while on light therapy, you're meant to wait before doing light therapy if you've used anything makes you sun-sensitive, include AHA peels and such. I would wait till after the light once your acne has calmed down to battle spots with hydroquinone.

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You can actually incorporate both light therapy and hydroquinone into your regime safely as long as you don't have any of the cream on during the actual light treatments. We used these two modalities simultaneously for many clients at my medspa.

Most dermatologist offices and medical spa's will start their clients on Obagi, of which most of the products contain hydroquinone. They will also have them start either a blue light or Fotofacial package at the same time, and the results can be quite good. Just make sure to wash your face thoroughly before each light treatment so that all oils and creams are removed from the skin. You can safely start to use your hydroquinone cream about 15 minutes after your light treatments.

Hope that helps. Are you doing light therapy treatments at home or in a doctor's office? Which brand are you using?

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