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CYSTIC ACNE CURED! Yes, I'm Serious!

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I wanted to join this community and help the next person who is suffering with acne. I started drinking Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk. Within a week no more cystic acne. I had the type that felt like bruises! Extremely sore. I'd never locate them by looking in the mirror. I had to "feel" for really sore spots on my face that felt like bruises. That's how I knew I had new cystic acne pimples daily.

My skin cleared to the point of flawlessness. It would look as smooth as the back of my hand. I never had to use any kind of skin regimen or product. My skin was perfect with no work or effort. Just drank the soy every day.

THEN I was told I had these huge fibroids growing at rapid rates! I decided to try something and ceased the soy milk.

And there came my acne again. Sore, bruise like huge lumps under my skin. Dark spots all over my face looking like leopard spots.

So .... and now I'm back at the same point.

I'm looking for natural targets to dht. See, I have hair thinning also. Hair on my tummy (light) and a very very light amount on my breasts. Along with a few (2) on my chin and chest. So my ultimate goal is to dramatically reduce DHT.

I tried Saw Palm (Walmart). 1/2 bottle gone, maybe a 15% help. Not much. Hair still thinning.

HAS ANYONE HAD ANY LUCK WITH EVENING PRIMROSE, BORAGE, FISH OILS, ZINC or anything else for acne or hair thinning? If so, please let me know.

For you guys who can take the soy, this will give you perfect skin.

Ladies, do so with caution while having your hormones checked periodically.

I hope this helps someone. :):surprised:

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ummm... you should definetely get a food sensitivity test. That would make it more clear for you for what you can and can't eat.

interesting story, though!

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Good that it worked for you, but don't praise soy milk like the ultimate solution. Because it's not. Everyone is different. I drink soy milk nearly every day and still have acne (also cystic one).

However I do recommend cutting out dairy products since they do have hormones which can worsen acne.

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