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I was 11 when i gOt my first huge zit on the center of my nOSE!! and that's where it all started.. blackheads.. whiteheads.. HUGE PIMPLEs all over my face!! that's where it all began.. i've spent 7 years crying myself to sleep, being bullied by everyone, including my relatives, being stared at as if i totally grossed people out. my life was horrible with acne.. I've tried everything:

-nivea products- made my face even more oily

-Mena- didn't do anything

-renow D- gave me even more blackheads

-chinese acne creams- made my face red

-CETaphil- created tons of little bumps on my face

-FORever flawless acne kit- gave me huge pimples on my cheeks

-PROACTIVE SOLUTION- REGRETTED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! didn't JUST wipe out my wallet.. but gave me even mOre problems like over drying and itching.. totally hated it..

-Tea tree OIL kit from the BOdy Shop- it worked.. kinda.. it was just ok... but didnt really help prevent my pimples from coming back..but LOve the smell

-papaya soap- helped alot! but after a few weeks it all came back..

-kojic acid soap- dried out my skin.. make it red and itchy..

-pond's facial wash- hated it..!!!

-pond's cream- worked for a while..pimple came back after a month..

-Panoxyl- dried out my face too much.. didn't work..

BUT i did FINALLY find something that worked 3 days after using it..


All u have to do is empty the capsul in one of your favorite toners/cleansers. a cleanser that works for you of course. in 3 days i saw the difference.. It actually prevents new pimples from forming and it dries out present one's.. 1 300mg capsul will do, but after getting used to it, you'll probably need 2, depending how severe your acne is.. you guys may not believe me.. but i'm someone that really suffered as in to death, trying to figure out ways to cure my acne.. i started using this right after i stopped using proactive.. it really works. for oily skin types, u don't need to use any moisturizer at all.. just simply wash your face.. and tone.. this is one of the best solutions most filipinos use.. if u don't see any improvment within 1 week, u can gladly stop it.. but i doubt it..

Clindamycin are good for acne since they attack the bacteria supposedly causing its inflammation ( Propionebacterium acnes). I've personally used it and I was happy with the results. I did not take them orally as they are more effective if you use them on your face directly.Use as much as you want. This way, you won't have to deal with the side effects, you concentrate on the face, you save a lot more money this way, you get better results, and you won't make your body immuned to antibiotics.People and situations are different. For me, it took me two weeks to see significant results. And I had severe acne. I used the Eskinol mixed with Dalacin C as much as I could. There was a noticeable difference in three days. But my face was almost clear in two weeks.Taking Dalacin C everyday or more can be expensive. And there are side effects to be wary about. If you decide to take them by mouth, you will have to take them for two weeks maximum. For the frequency, you will have to ask a doctor. It depends on your body type and medical history.

i use this with ESKINOL derma C cleanser.. 2 times a day..works just perfect.. for severe acne, it may take some time.. bout 2-3 weeks.it may dry out faces for some.. but all u need is a moisturizer that suites u.. and TADAAAA!! acne free.. Its worth a try.. all u need to do is add it to a toner/cleanser u usually use.. may start out with 2 capsuls if severe!

its COmpletely SAFE..

U can buy this at any drug store.. guys.. this may look simple.. but you'll totally THANK me for the results. try this and you'll have no problem with pimples. Plus! you get to have a smoother face.. it's also good for preventing BLACKHEADS....

All u have to do is:

go to a drugstore and buy Dalacin C 300mg.. it's an antibiotic in capsule form..

also buy an astringent about 70-80ml... any brand will do.. use the most famous brand you think you can afford.. astringents with 100-200 ml, u shud use 2 capsuls..

open the capsule and empty all the powder in the bottle of the astringent...

shake it well..and shake before everytime using it

apply this after you wash your face.. 2 times for me..

after a week, your skin will feel soft and your face will start to clear..

if your skin is dry, you can add a capsule or two of vitamin E (400mg capsule) this will help moisturize your skin..

and whenever you have a zit, just put some of this solution on a cotton ball and soak your pimple with it..

your acne will disappear in 2 days or less..


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