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Clearing skin using strawberries and apple cider vinegar

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Maybe someone wants to try this out?

From The Vinegar Bookby Emily Thacker

Ensure soft, radiant skin and prevent blemishes by conditioning the skin while sleeping with a covering of strawberries and vinegar. Mash 3 large strawberries into 1/4 cup vinegar and let it sit for 2 hours. Then strain the vinegar through a cloth. Pat the strawberry flavored vinegar onto the face and neck. Wash off in the morning. Skin will soon be free of pimples and blackheads.

I make no claims on this but it sounds pretty interesting. Anyone willing to give it a try? I would, but I don't have strawberries.

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I tried this last night, following your directions.
My skin has honestly never felt smoother.

A sort of pro andcon, trouble areas have dried out, so may need a good moisturizer (I've been keen to try neostrata vanishing cream once I get the £££)

I've read that you are meant to keep this routine up, but with the price of strawberries, maybe it is more realistically a weekly or twice weekly thing.
That, or I've considered alternating each night between a strawberry application and a turmeric application (What do you think!)

Hope this helps! :D I say go get some strawberries and try it, I have always struggled with the texture of my skin, and this honestly is the smoothest I've felt it in years after only one overnight strawberry and vinegar mask!

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If you are getting good results from any vinegar solution, this probably means that your skin is too alkaline on a normal basis. Your skin has an ideal ph of 5.5, which is acidic (7 is neutral, below is acidic, above is alkaline). WATER BY NATURE IS ALKALINE, which means every time you put water on your skin, you disrupt its natural ability to fight off infection and heal itself.

Since ACV has a pH of 3-4, all you're doing is getting your skin back where it wants to be...at a more acidic pH. You could get the same results by not washing as often, washing with distilled water (less alkaline than tap water), and using lower pH cleansers.

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I want to try this out because of the positive comments above, but strawberry here is a bit expensive. Is there any fruit that can be substitute for them?

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