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Yeah so I got this pimple on my nose about 9 months ago and it never popped. It just sort of died down to a little red bump. I knew it was still infected though because every so often I'd get another pimple on my nose and my entire nose would just turn red and the bump would get inflammed. Not a pretty sight. Anyways the "spawned" pimples would pop and the mother pimple would go back to its original little red spot.

Well last week the mother pimple went berserk and grew HUGE. Like maybe 1/4-1/3" in diameter, nice and big and round. It protrudes quite noticeably from the tip of my nose giving me this fantastic Rudolph look. It's been there for 4 days now with no sign of coming to a head or any other real development. It's mostly hard--not painful. However if I squeeze it a bit (bad idea I know), it definitely looks like there is a ton of pus behind the thick layer of skin.

I'm seeing my girlfriend from college in a week, who I haven't seen since school ended 3 weeks ago. Not to mention I look like a freak and have been avoiding all contact with friends. I don't have acne over the rest of my face except for fading red spots on my cheeks.

I need this thing GONE. What should I do? I'm seeing the derm on Friday but if you guys have any suggestions to make this bastard come to a head I'd hugely appreciate it. If you like I can upload pictures so you have a better idea of what's going on. Thanks in advance!!

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I have no idea what type of acne you class these things as, probably cysts, but I have a few like that too.

Don't go squeezing it if it doesn't want to pop. You could end up scaring.

I use ice on my huge cysts. Takes down the swelling quite considerably sometimes, sometimes it doesn't but meh...

My sister used to put toothpaste on her spots when she went to bed, then wash it off in the morning. I've never heard anyone speak about that on this forum before but it worked for her. Didn't for me though.

If it is a serious one, sad to say it but its not going to go down too fast. The derm might give you an injection for it and for most people that will do the trick. Takes it down after a matter of days.

Good luck dude.

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Thanks so much for the response!

It popped today and I was practically dancing until I squeezed all the stuff out.. and the old pimple was STILL THERE UNDERNEATH!!! Bigger too! And, wtf, my left cheek (which was almost completely healed) is breaking out with 5 pimples today. I can feel them starting to itch underneath the skin. This is horrible.. I have no idea what's happening to me. I think it might have something to do with my diet change from school to home. At school my acne had almost totally subsided even with all the stress, drinking, caffeine, and late nights. Now it's coming back with a vengeance. I am Chinese and so I eat a completely Chinese diet at home.. rice, lots of vegetables, fish, not too much beef or poultry. I wonder if that has to do with it. I heard carbs might have an effect but I was eating lots of carbs at school and was fine. It was also way hotter at school, no A/C in the dorms or anything so I don't think climate could be the cause.

I just got off of Solodyn too about 5 days ago.. that could be the root of it. I'm going back on. Screw antibiotic immunities. I'm seeing the derm on Friday but honestly, I don't think he gives a shit. He usually is just like "it takes time, just rub some stuff on it. Switching derms but my appointment for the new doctor (group actually) isn't until July.

I'm going vegetarian for non-acne related reasons so that may have a further impact on my skin. This is so incredibly frustrating because I thought I was pretty much over with that part of my life... all through high school all my friends have totally clear, perfect skin so now its really, really depressing that it's all coming back.


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Yeah dude they're a bitch. I think these things just break out randomly, you've just got to try and get them gone as best you can.

I have a huge one on the side of my neck and everynow and again it decides to pop on its own. Comes out with all this green crap too, its horrible.

However once its done with the goo, the lump just comes back bigger. I've heard if you crush up some aspirin and mix it with honey to make a paste, then leave that on the cysts for a little while, it helps a bunch.

I haven't tried this yet, going to tonight though.

Apparently caffine is linked to acne. So is dairy and milk is supose to be a main one these days. So lay off them if you can.

As for your chineese diet, I really have no idea! Im a veggie. I'd surely think if you was going veggie it would improve your skin slightly. You'd get more intake of vegtables and all that?

Haha sorry I can't really help on that, not great with diet issues.

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