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Do dermatologists charge per scar or one rate for the entire affected area of skin?


Posted : 11/23/2018 8:56 am

My acne is almost entirely gone these days, but I used to pick at my spots relentlessly. As a result,I haveclose to 50 hypertrophic scars all over my chest. Only 3 or4of them are especially bad, but all of them together in combination createa bumpy, uneven looking complexion.

I understand thatinjectionsare the standard starting point for scar treatment, possibly followed by some laser treatment. I am, however,a little bit worried about the cost,just because there are so many.Are dermatologists more likely to charge me for each individual scar - or just one flat rate for the entire area of affected skin? And are there other forms of treatment I should be looking into for a large quantity of scars in one area?

I'm goingto schedule a consultation soon, but I want some idea of what to expect.



Posted : 11/28/2018 7:23 am

@cc12The hypertrophic sub isn't checked as much as it's a sub of the scar treatments sub. Sorry about that.


Cost is based on a package of what you need done, notper injection, if you goto someone who is per injection, goto another dermatologist. Please read the FAQ, first post of the scar treatments sub, goto the hypertrophic scarring section with keloids. This has all the information you seek minus pricing which varies per area and dermatologist, so call around for a idea.