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Hyper Pigmentation From Acne


Posted : 06/15/2015 1:16 pm

Hey guys,

Throughout my life I've never suffered from super bad acne until I was about 17, it was never awful but because my skin is so sentisive every pimple left a mark.. My acne is under control now with the odd pimple here and there however my skin started to completely change..

Iniw have bad hyper pigmentation on my left cheek and I've tried lots of things to get rid of it and I won't go anywhere without foundation covering it which makes me really self conscious.

The wait to see a dermatologist in my area is like 4 months so I would be so grateful if anyone could offer me experience and remedies to make these horrible stubborn marks go away because they've been present for nearly a year now!

They have faded after I used a glycolic acid cream however my skin is used to 10% now and it doesn't have an effect any more. I take care of my skin really well and it's so smooth however so ugly to look at now. :(

If you have any questions for me personally let me know

Thanks!! :)


Posted : 06/15/2015 2:47 pm

i had pretty bad red marks also, honestly i went cold-turkey and put nothing whatsoever on it

after a while i took zinc orally though

you can probably support the healing time, but yeah its all about TIME, sadly